Create luck energy with colour!

Choose the Right Colours to Energize & Enhance Your Home

The five-element theory is super important in feng shui and you must commit all three cycles – the productive, exhaustive and destructive cycles to memory in order to maximize the use of this formula to your feng shui advantage.

Today I want to only focus on the productive cycle, the colours that represent each of the five elements and how you can use this knowledge to enhance your good luck. So just to review – there are five elements – water, wood, fire, earth and metal. The colours of each are: blue/black for water, green or brown for wood, red for fire, yellow for earth and white or gold for metal.

Water Wood Fire Earth Metal

We know that earth produces metal, metal produces water, water produces wood, wood produces fire, and fire produces earth.

The productive cycle of the five elements is the key that unlocks the enhancing technique of feng shui. So if you wish to activate a specific corner of your house:

  • First take note of the element of the corner that you wish to activate or enhance based on its compass direction – so for example if you want to activate south (for recognition luck) then the element of SOUTH is FIRE
  • Next check the element that produces FIRE (in this case it would be wood, whose colours are green or brown)
  • Use the colour of the producing element wood (green or brown) in the SOUTH.

Sound confusing? It’s really not difficult. Just think it through. Say you want to activate the NORTH for career luck. We know that north represents water and that metal produces water. Therefore we would place something gold or white in the north to activate the water.

Here’s another example: Say you want to activate the SOUTHEAST for wealth. Note that the element of this direction is WOOD. To produce wood you will need water. So anything blue or black or having a water feature will activate this corner. You can use these colours in your fabrics, decorative cushions paint and furniture.

This is an easy way to activate any corner of your home or office and increase your good luck by using colour!

Worrying Is Your Worst Enemy

ltworry“Try to generate powerful emotional highs as often as you can. Experiencing triumphant moments that can bring happiness is what liberates confidence but you must be careful not to place anxiety and worry onto your wishes. Anxiety is a negative emotion which itself generates powerful images, but these are negative images.

Worry creates feelings of unexpected failure, expands the emotions of doom and gloom that can be very pervasive in making you expect the worst. These negativities can be as dominant as your original very positive visualizations.

This is the most potent reason why worry is never a good thing. Worry robs you of your vitality and sets you on a negative spiral of unfulfilled dreams and disappointments. Here, the power of worry can be as creative as you have taught yourself to be, and the more you worry, the more you fear, but you do not know what to fear. This simply sets the stage for unresolved desires and negative instincts to crush your inner positive spirit.

Worry robs you of your feel-good factor, so you must work at getting out of any negative spiral before it gets too deep and potent. Stay upbeat and smile through every crisis.

Your energy is powerful when you start doing all the practices outlined in my latest book Spiritual Feng Shui -the Vital Third Dimension. Having nurtured this natural power within you, do make sure you never allow it to bring you anything but good luck. Always build to increase your abundance, continuously pacifying your fears and your headaches, and permanently subduing all of your “inner devils”. Over time, you will conquer the most harmful of all your inner fears – the fear of failure!

Always stay watchful and alert. Do not let internal or mental conflicts cause you to doubt yourself. Obscure the fears that try to take control of your spirit and work at overcoming anything that suppresses your natural inbred instincts. When you are conscious that inner fear and doubts are staples in your mental continuum, whatever intimate uncertainties plague you will not disturb your mind too much or cause you to doubt yourself. Your inner confidence stays strong. It cannot be compromised or manipulated and over time you will have “brainwashed” yourself into always expecting the best scenarios to actualize. This is how you develop the positive side of your spirit to perform with ease and certainty!

This excerpt was taken from Lillian’s latest book Spiritual Feng Shui – the Vital Third Dimension – Part 3 Magic, Methods, Mantras and Imagination.

You simply cannot afford to be without this book! You can order it here!

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by Lillian Too


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