Tenth Month of the Gui Ji Water Snake Year

Nov 7, 2013 – December 6, 2013

Here’s your monthly flying star chart and I urge you to review this and pay attention to these recommendations. This covers the period November 7, 2013 through December 6, 2013.

In each of the nine grids you’ll see two numbers. The larger number is the annual star, which you probably are already familiar with and the smaller number in the lower right corner is the monthly star.

The first thing to do is determine where the most important rooms in your house are located. By important I mean rooms that you use frequently…like your bedroom, the kids’ rooms, dining room etc. You may already know this, but if not use a reliable compass and stand in the center of your home to take your directions. Once you know where each sector is, you can refer to the flying star chart below and take appropriate action. So if your front door, the one everyone uses is located in the north sector then refer to the relevant grid below for the kind of luck that will affect everyone in the household this month.

What is the Luckiest Sector of the Month?

The SOUTH brings money luck from heavens his month. Display a money tree or wealth pot here to energize for wealth luck. The one thing to beware of is potential conflict between the generations leading to arguments between young and old. If your living room is located here you may suffer from eye-related disorders and aggravated tempers. Put six smooth crystal balls here to reconcile elements and restore harmony. If your bedroom is in this sector place a crane wu lou beside your bed to ward off illness.

The SOUTHEAST this month benefits students and writers with success in literary ventures and look for possible promotions at work. Display carps crossing the dragon gate and display a Chinese calligraphy set behind you. Good romance luck may also happen so be sure to display a pair of mandarin ducks or lovebirds. Avoid water in this sector this month.

Unlucky sectors?

This month there are many unlucky sectors so it is wise to read the chart carefully and put remedies in place throughout your home. However, the center is highly afflicted and the incoming illness star does not help matters. These stars bring misfortune luck to the entire family and there may be trouble at work, financial disputes, illness and loss. To overcome these problems, display a pair of golden wu lou or carry a pagoda keychain to keep bad chi at bay. No open fires or candles here as energies could reach a critical point. Display 7 level pagodas here and if possible don’t use this area.

The NORTHEAST is another highly afflicted sector as the 5 star brings severe monetary problems and bad luck. Display a Kalachakra stupa here to protect against serious money loss and place the God of wealth sitting on a tiger here. No children should sleep in this sector and if you do sleep here wear the Life Force Medallion close to the body. If there are rough or even spots watch out for falls and broken bones as well as health problems related to the stomach, muscles and mouth.

As you can see, it’s important to fine-tune your feng shui every month and take care of the monthly flying stars. You’ll find these monthly charts in Feng Shui World Magazine, so if you’re not already a subscriber I suggest you sign on! It’s quick and easy and always available when you choose the online version…but printed copies are of course available as well.

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Good luck!

Symbols & Sounds Enhance Visualization

“Spiritual feng shui makes the fullest use of the creative visualization process because the mind is far more potent when working with images rather than words. The Mind communicates with the cosmic universe more efficiently with symbols and sounds than with words. Images are the sophisticated symbols of the mind and when these are enhanced with suitable sounds, the images take on greater power.

Sounds can be the sacred and secret vibrations of the spoken words, except here the words themselves do not need to have meaning. For instance, seed syllables such as Bhrum or Hum are as much potent symbols as sounds. They may not have a direct meaning but they are sure potent!

For example, when you draw the Sanskrit syllable Bhrum and wear it as a gold pendant, a ring or as a tattoo on your arm, and you make it a daily practice to give sound to it by repeating it Bhrum Bhrum Bhrum, Bhrum, Bhrum, as many times as you can, then in time the power of Bhrum resonates with your inner spirit helping you communicate with the cosmic dimensions whose “beings” understand the sacred sanctity of the syllable Bhrum. They recognize and react positively to it because the syllable Bhrum is a holy syllable that actually combines the concentrated and condensed powers of bam and Hum within its linguistic shape.

LTbhrumThe Hum and Bam syllables are concentration symbols associated with powerful deities of the cosmic realms, so that simply displaying Bhrum as a sacred symbol within the home or wearing it touching the body generates the protective energy of the deities symbolized by these syllables. Meditators of the Himalayas who attain great siddhis or powers visualize either of these syllables in their heart as part of their daily meditation rituals.

The HUM syllable is visualized at the heart radiating blue light. Anyone visualizing the Hum syllable this way, or who wear the syllable in real gold and with a jewel to depict the sun crowning the syllable, generates an aura of protective energies around them. Should you then be in any kind of danger, all you need to do is recite the Hum Hum Hum Hum Hum again and again and it will get you out of danger.

lthumhumThis is just one of the thousands of teachings given 2500 years ago by the enlightened being we all call Buddha Shakyamuni, transmitted through the sutras as part of Buddha’s 84,000 teachings. The sutras unlock a veritable treasure house of precious knowledge into all things spiritual, but they were written in Sankrit and only a fraction of the sutras that have surfaced have been translated. These sutras are said to be so powerful that merely having one of the sutras containing powerful prayers, mantras and names of past Buddhas and Bodhisattvas in your home generates a flow of magical energies your way.”

This excerpt is from my latest book “Spiritual Feng Shui…the Vital Third Dimension from Part 3 in the Book entitled “Magic, Methods, Mantras and Imagination.”

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