Keeping In Sync with Yourself…and Your Career

Don’t Expect Feng Shui To Do All The Work For You

I can’t tell you how many emails I receive relating to people’s frustration with their current jobs…and lack of career advancement. Problems with their jobs, their co-workers and their bosses…but never with themselves!

Many blame their bad luck on feng shui and on others rather than looking for the true cause of their unhappiness… or expect certain feng shui symbolic cures or enhancements to do the trick just like magic without working on anything themselves.


Here are some things to think about:

  1. ltladiesatworkBe careful who you listen to – who told you what career would be good for you? Sometimes we don’t ask ourselves what kind of a job or career we would enjoy but just take other peoples’ suggestions…and end up very unhappy and dissatisfied, wondering what went wrong.
  2. Ask yourself what you are really good at? What excites you? What do you really want (not what society tells you is acceptable). Find a job that you really enjoy! If numbers aren’t for you then why try to be an accountant or banker? If you love dealing with people then think about a career in sales or public relations. Remember that your own opinion of yourself is more important than anyone else’s opinion of you.
  3. Move on from the negative things in life…keep the chi moving…get unstuck. Even the most perfect work environment or job will have a problem…that’s just the way life is. Be ready for the ups and downs…there are bound to be good and bad days. And when you get through the tough ones you’ll always be better for it…you’ll be surprised at what you can accomplish.
  4. Starting a new position is always difficult…but it’s always that way in the beginning until we feel more comfortable and get past the fear of the unknown. Think about when you first learned to ride a bicycle or learned how to swim…how much you feared people pushing you off and letting you go it alone. But once you became more comfortable with your newly acquired knowledge and talent it became so easy as it will in any new job you tackle.

Success in your life and career is what you want it to be – it’s what it means to you. It might be great wealth and recognition, it might be meeting and marrying the right man or woman, it might be running a billion dollar corporation successfully or all of the above. To be successful you don’t have to compete with and beat everyone…you just have to know yourself and what success means to you…and then go after it with a passion!

Be yourself, be sincere and honest…be who you are. Don’t try to be someone else…take your talents and work hard to develop them and make them grow. Your peers and your boss will respect you for this. If they don’t you’re probably not in the right job.


Make sure you are in the right place and don’t be afraid of change! Don’t expect feng shui to do all the work for you… yes there are many enhancements and cures that will work but they are so much more fast and effective with your positive effort and participation. Do your inner work too!

Life is not that complicated… get up and go for it!

Good luck!

A Daily Meditation Practice
Creating a Clean and Pure Space For Meditation

We recite mantras to aid our concentration and to help to bring quiet and peace to our minds. As we use our speech, body and mind together, we begin to transform our mind and we chant the mantras many times repeatedly because transforming the mind takes time… it is a gradual process.

An important part of the preliminary ritual before meditation is to ensure the area and space where you will do your practice is very clean and pure. Here is a mantra for you to use for cleaning the space for meditation.

First prepare the room by cleaning it with a broom or cloth. As you do so think: “This is to sweep away all the defilements, all the negative thoughts and obstacles that block my true awakening.” Recite the following mantra at least 108 times each day as you clean and prepare you meditation area.


As you dust and remove stains, imagine that your anger, attachment and ignorance is being erased and disappearing. Stains are subtle defilements that cause blocks in our lives… wipe them away daily. Use this powerful mantra as you sweep and clean and imagine all the dust and dirt entering the ground.

The mantras you chant should come directly from enlightened Masters and from the Buddha himself. Many Buddhist mantras are chanted in original Sanskrit, the language of the Buddha and they are beautiful, inspiring and empowering. But any language is quite all right providing you recitation is with strong concentration and sincere motivation.

With love


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