About Lillian

Lillian TooAs one of world’s leading exponents of Feng Shui, Lillian Too’s in depth knowledge, acquired from great masters throughout the East, spans over 30 years.

Retired from a lucrative career in the banking and corporate world at the age of 45, Lillian Too is living proof that feng shui works.

She says she owes her incredible luck & many successes in her career & business activities to her in depth knowledge of Feng Shui which she has been applying to every aspect of her life.

After graduating with an MBA from the Harvard Business School in the USA, Lillian embarked on a corporate career and became the first woman in Malaysia to head a public listed company.

In 1982 she became the first woman in Asia to be appointed CEO of a Bank.

Her achievements in the competitive commercial world of Hong Kong and Malaysia have been much applauded.

After her years as a banker, Lillian Too worked with Dickson Poon as Executive Deputy Chairman of his group of companies, helping him build his vehicle, Dickson Concepts.

Lillian then went on to package the leveraged buyout of the DRAGON SEED group.

With the powerful First Pacific Group of Indonesia and Prudential Asia as her partners, she took control of this department store group, became its Executive Chairman, turned it around and cashed out.

Then she retired to become a full time mother and a writer.

Today, Lillian Too is the world s number ONE selling writer on Feng Shui.

She has authored over 80 best selling books on the subject, which have been translated into 30 languages.

Her books sell in the millions of copies around the world, in the process popularising feng shui worldwide.

Lillian Too is also the founder and chairman of WOFS.com, a feng shui merchandising and franchise company, and the Lillian Too Certified Consultants Institute, which runs correspondence courses and certification programs in feng shui.



  1. Hello lillian,
    I need help with my home. I have been hearing about the negative vastu effects of our home. Please help.

    Our house is North east facing, Master bedroom is in East facing west.
    living room in northwest, dining room is in northeast.
    Kitchen is in south east and a room in south west is step down and has lot of windows.

    I was told that the position of the house is good but because of the tree in the north east causes blockage and step down room on southwest with lots of window is not good. I read there are some remedies for this can you please suggest. We can cut the trees in northeast but some remedies for the step down room in southwest without changing the structure of the house would be helpful.

    We also facing lot of financial stress and are having trouble in career issues also. Please help.
    Thanks and regards

    • Beena – Unfortunately kitchen in the SE blocks wealth. NE this year is visited by the violent robbery star 7 so it is wise to place blue rhino and elephant here near your front door. Yes if your front door is faced by tree it would be wise to remove it because it is blocking chi. Not sure I fully understand your question about “step down” but this year SW is very good and the matriarch is strong. It is excellent to have a lot of light here and red colour if possible in your decoration. Since I don’t know what your SW looks out onto (from these windows) it is difficult to make recommendation but you need to check for hostile poison arrows, roof pointing towards you etc. Wealth is in the SOUTH this year particularly strong – use lots of light here and red colour – make sure the SOUTH (if not afflicted) is activated.

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