Year of the Horse Updates

2014 – Lucky or Unlucky For Your Animal Sign?

What forces are influencing the luck of your animal sign in 2014? When you purchase your 2014 animal sign book you’ll be able to identify and dissolve the obstacles coming your way and enhance your good fortune by expanding auspicious indications in different areas of your life. So it’s definitely important to study the feng shui winds and energy patterns that influence you luck at work, in business, in your love life and your physical well being.

In your horoscope book you’ll find a description of the five aspects of luck:

  • Life Force – it’s an indication of your radiance and vitality. Some years we are more active than others and this is reflected in a strong life force. Vitality is an indication of how strong our minds are and it sustains our confidence. If your life force is weak it must be strengthened.
  • Spirit Essence – This is an indicator of your inner strength – how strong your inner chi essence is. Usually when your spirit is strong, everything about you appears strong. It is harder for others to cheat you or disturb your mind through spirit harm.

These two categories, life force and spirit essence reveal how your react to difficulties and stress during the year. They show your inner strength and resilience.

  • Health – Please be sure to check your health luck and if it’s bad you should strengthen the luck by wearing health amulets. If your house faces east this year you must be extra careful as the illness star there can cause your health luck to worsen.
  • Wealth Luck category is an indication of your ability to attract new prosperity and for those in business, excellent wealth luck suggests that your efforts will bring a good harvest, personal power and ongoing abundance.
  • Success Wind Horse – This measures the strength of your personal “Wind Horse” so if your success potential is high it puts you in a very good position to take fullest advantage of opportunities coming your way and if not it must be strengthened.

Be sure to check the luck element chart in your personal horoscope book according to your heavenly stem element of your year of birth – this will reveal your luck profile brought by the elements of the year!


Rooster, Snake and Ox 
This trinity of animal signs (who collectively signify intellectual creativity) will enjoy the greatest success luck in 2014. These are visionaries of the Zodiac. If they are in your home as siblings or family members, their presence will bring a resolute purpose to your endeavors. Fire energy, bright lights will also add effectiveness to their efforts.

Rabbit, Sheep and Boar
This trinity will also enjoy success luck this year – these are the diplomats which are so needed in the horse year when fierce energies rule. They will quietly walk away with the prize in any outright competition.

Dragon, Monkey and Rat 
This is the trinity of ambitious signs – but the year does not favor those who are overly and openly ambitious. It is more effective to come across solid and reliable than to appear arrogant or aggressive. Therefore these signs must watch themselves because their success luck is not strong. Obstacles abound and there are many troublemakers causing unseen problems. These animal sigs will feel frustrated and aggravated and will need to strengthen the energy of their wind horse. They should surround their personal space with WATER energy. This is the element that will give a boost to the personal Wind horse of these three animal signs.

Horse, Tiger and Dog
These three signs face a tough year in terms of bringing work projects to completion. Success luck is elusive for these free spirits of the zodiac. It might be better not to pursue tough assignments and instead focus energies on other dimensions of their life – like love life or new study course.

Get your horoscope book today to learn more and be safe in 2014!

To your success!
Lillian Too

Mantra To Manjushuri
Buddha of Wisdom



Chanting this mantra invokes the spiritual power and wisdom of Manjushuri – the Buddha who embodies the transcendental knowledge of all the Buddhas. Manjushuri’s holy mantra is his speech and is an expression of the wisdom realizations of all the Enlightened beings.

Manjushuri’s mantras will help you make wise and good decisions. Recite this mantra daily when you are at a crossroad and to exercise good judgement.

It is excellent to recite Manjushuri’s powerful mantra faithfully each day if you are engaged in any kind of work related to feng shui, astrology, making divinations or if you are in the teaching profession.

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