Everyone Believes in Luck!

Everyone Believes in Luck… from Hollywood Celebs to NBA Stars!ltjaniston

Ahh…lady luck! Of course everyone wants good luck, right? We all believe in luck in some way or another…we’re all a bit superstitious -even the greatest leaders in the world, the A-list Hollywood celebs, politicians, gamblers and people like you and me believe in luck – lucky and unlucky days, hours, numbers, charms, amulets and colors…to name a few.

Did you know that Jennifer Aniston has one particular superstition she adheres to for good luck? Before getting on an airplane, she always taps the outside of the plane with her foot and then steps onto the plane with her right foot first claiming she has always done this to bring her luck! Hmm…her ritual doesn’t seem quite as powerful as Angelina Jolie’s Tiger tattoo though.

And what about Cameron Diaz and all her lucky charms? She’s well known for the lucky charm necklaces she wears to help stop aging…but she’ll also fly on Friday the 13th in a storm with a black cat on her lap so she claims she’s not really that superstitious. But she proudly admits to “knocking on wood” all the time!

ltmichaeljordanAnd then there’s Michael Jordan and his “lucky shorts”…it’s a well known fact that this great basketball player wore his blue North Carolina shorts as a good luck charm under his NBA uniform throughout his entire career!

Would you knowingly walk under a ladder and not think anything of it? The belief in luck seems so deeply embedded in our subconscious that it’s almost instinctual to walk around rather than under the ladder.

So, while things like a broken mirror or walking under a ladder are perhaps two of the most universal omens of misfortune, there are also other common everyday omens of good & bad fortune that you may not be aware of like…

Many years ago cats were associated with witchcraft and evil. When a cat (other than your own pet) enters your house it may mean some kind of bad luck ltkittyahead. Black cats are known to mean betrayal so better to chase them out, white cats mean death but golden cats can signify good luck buried within the bad luck somewhere so you may want to let these stay.

Meeting a snake! If you are hiking or working in the garden and encounter a snake don’t harm it…it means someone important is ltsnakecoming into your life. In fact they say that the more poisonous the snake is, the more good fortune coming your way!

And just one more…if you happen to put your shirt or blouse on backwards it’s thought to be extremely auspicious as it indicates your luck is about to change for the better or you may receive some windfall luck or good news.

So let me just say I wish you good luck this week with everything you have planned and here’s a suggestion – why not justexpect good luck to come to you this week… you may just be very surprised about what will happen. Try it, it works!


Can You Create Your Own Good Luck?

Since we’re on the topic of luck, do you believe you can create your own good luck? I do. Yes, you can create good luck just like you create good karma… and you can also bring misfortune upon yourself more easily than you might imagine as well, with self- doubt and negative self talk.

You see, you must start with the belief that you already have good fortune… good luck. I like to think about how lucky I am every day… that I am fortunate just to be alive, to live the kind of life I choose that makes me and my family happy and I am very thankful to have good health. I expect good things and I am not often disappointed.

But once in a while I hear people say… why do some people always seem to have good luck while others struggle through life poor and unhappy, always looking to win the lottery with their “lucky” numbers thinking this will bring them happiness?

The difference is through the use of the mind… how you think about things. You have to start believing that your life is good no matter what the current state of affairs – if you think about it you will always find things in your life to be grateful for, to be happy about even when the world may be collapsing around you.

Remember that your inner mind, if you let it, will gladly take you on a journey that will change your life. You must simply be willing to open yourself up and tune inward. As you do so, through meditation, study, prayer and visualization you will find that there is just mountains of good luck waiting to be released…it is already there.

Go inside!
Love Lillian

Is a Tree Blocking Your Luck?

If there is a single tree facing your front door or main door of entry be warned that it can cause trouble in your family life and block any good luck from entering. If it is dead then chop it down, but if you cannot remove the tree then change your front door location or put a bright light there to overcome this poison arrow of bad luck.