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ltpic9Hopefully you were able to attend one of my recent extravaganzas in Singapore or KL. With the New Year of the Wood Sheep rapidly approaching it’s time to take care of the updates needed for the coming year. As I have told you many times in the past, it is vital to update your feng shui each year according to the changes of energy in the environment (caused by the passage of time).

In this regard, I’m very excited about my brand new Flying Star Feng Shui online course that will be made available to you very soon. It took many months for me to put this course together in a way that is easy for you to understand and apply the material. Flying Star feng shui has to do with changing energies, how energies change from day to day, week to week, month to month, year to year and from period to period. In this course I will share with you precious secrets of the Flying Star formula, which is a compass based formula of the flying star practice – and you will learn practical applications that work. Some will work so quickly you will be amazed!

Now what’s wonderful about my new course is that it explains clearly how to apply flying star for city living, for urban living. It’s very accurate and methodical and you will be confident in analyzing your feng shui based on flying star formulas that I will teach you. And I’ve prepared it in a systematic format for learning so that your mind absorbs as much as it can.

More on the new course coming very soon!




Illness Star in the SE in 2015 Also Brings Money Luck!

The number 2 illness star flies to the SE in the coming Year of the Wood Sheep where it meets the period star “7”. The 7 star is a metal star that exhausts the earth energy of the number 2 illness star and actually transforms it into a potential source of big money luck! The 2 when combined with the period star 7 creates a powerful Ho Tu combination, which brings big money luck!

The 2/7 Ho Tu combination in the SE is activated by strengthening the sounds of metal emanating from the SE. However, since the SE is a wood sector and metal exhausts wood, the metal energy must not be harsh – so just the sound of metal is sufficient. Don’t put too many metal symbols here – a metallic windchime or singing bell or bowl will do. Painting your main door white or a metallic shade is also excellent if located in the SE.

This doesn’t mean that you can ignore the illness energy of the 2 star. If your bedroom or main door is located in the SE you can still be negatively affected by illness so you should keep this part of your house quiet. Since the star is a earth star fire energy will strengthen it so keep candles etc and bright lights out of this area.

Cures for the Illness Star in 2015

We suggest the following Taoist and Buddhist remedies. There is no problem in placing both types of remedies as one is a worldly cure and the other a cosmic spiritual one.

  • Golden WuLouMedicine Buddha Mandala Plaque: This shows the curative herbs and healing substances. When you hang this in the SE, you strengthen the Wood element of the SE, while powerful invocations to the Medicine Buddha ensures fast recovery to anyone suffering from ill health.
  • Golden Wu Lou: The symbolic golden Wu Lou is a strong Taoist cure for illness, especially if it is imprinted with the mythical Garuda bird. The Wu Lou alone is a strong remedy but when guarded by the Garuda it becomes an even stronger protection against illness. The Garuda is considered the only creature that can subdue the naga spirits that cause cancer, lung disease etc.
  • Orgyen Menla Buddha: One of the most powerful spiritual cures against illness is to invite the presence of the Buddha known as Orgyen Menla. Orgyen Menla has the power to completely vanquish all illnesses brought by spiritual attacks and astrological afflictions. He embodies all the healing qualities of the Medicine Buddha and Guru Rinpoche combined! He can be placed on your altar or anywhere in the home that is elevated and respectful.

Spirituality is Mind Power!

The Mind has magical abilities to focus and concentrate, and when this awareness and belief are complemented with mental imaging, it gets empowered. Mental visualizations must be created with fearlessness, clarity and confidence. That is when you can bring about the actualization of your wishes – and your mind then becomes a “wish-fulfilling mind.”

The Mind is eternal and will continue to exist even when the material body dies – so the mind lives through past and future lifetimes. The mind is transcendental, mystical and magical. It is sacred, not of this realm and works from the inner dimensions of the spirit. Your mind is part of the cosmic universe!

The Mind goes beyond current knowledge. You have a vast library of learning stored inside your spirit, and the techniques used to access this storehouse have always been sacred. But they are definitely not inaccessible. You only need to work at transcending your own intellectual understanding to open the doors that keep it locked away. To succeed, you must believe in your own higher self – your own spirituality.

The Mind and its methods do not need to be logical in the way scientific methods are. The whole approach towards accessing the inner mind, which has been revealed to us, is definitely not necessarily logical or scientific. Spiritual awareness arises when we know about and believe in the sacred words and rituals that have been revealed.

Progress comes when you practice regularly. Learning to breathe with a rhythm comfortable to you helps to dissolve stress and helps you to stay relaxed and calms the mind. Then there are techniques of meditation and visualization that when used in conjunction with sacred mantras, bring wonderful, encouraging results.”

From ”Spiritual Feng Shui, The Vital Third Dimension” by Lillian Too

ltpic10-2Grand Master Lillian Too is undoubtedly the world’s most prolific and popular writer and advocate on living with good feng shui! She has written over 100 books that have been translated into 31 different languages, and over 10 million copies of her books have been sold worldwide.

After graduating with an MBA from Harvard Business School, Lillian went on to pursue a highly successful business career in banking and finance in the 1980’s in Hong Kong. Her business acumen, drive and abundant energy soon led her from the finance world to the world of luxury department stores and boutiques where, through a leveraged buy out, she became Chairman and shareholder of The Dragon Seed Group.

All the while she was guided and taught by her feng shui masters in Hong Kong and China – and she attributes much of her monumental and quick rise to success in Hong Kong directly to them.

Lillian soon decided to retire from active corporate life and return to Malaysia to raise her beautiful daughter, Jennifer, and spend more time with her family. It was at this time she began to devote her energy to writing and furthering her study of feng shui.

She published her first book in Malaysia in 1995 that quickly became a best seller and the rest is history. Today she is Chairman of Wofs.Com, a feng shui franchise and merchandising company run by her daughter, Jennifer Too.

She trains feng shui students and future consultants at her Certified Consulting Institute in Malaysia and is much loved by her readers, associates and students for the way she teaches practical feng shui in a user-friendly way, using ordinary situations and circumstances that interest people and affect their everyday lives.

In November 2009, at the International Feng Shui Convention in Singapore, the well-deserved title of GRAND MASTER OF FENG SHUI was conferred upon Lillian Too. Immediately following this accolade, in early January 2010, she received the prestigious Brand Laureate Personality of The Year Award presented by the Deputy Prime Minister of Malaysia! There seems to be no stopping her popularity and these days!

Lillian believes everyone should know her secrets and learn how to adapt feng shui to modern life… and she warmly welcomes you into her Mandala.

You can learn more about Lillian by visiting her website at

Lillian Too Mandala – North American Office
3840 Blackhawk Rd,
Danville, CA 94506
Toll Free Info and Customer Servce : 1 866 508 8806
Email: Fax: +1 925 736 6177

Reminder To Update FOR 2015

Updating the feng shui of your house or office annually is practicing what is called “Time Feng Shui”, which ensures that your good fortune continues and nothing interferes with it in the coming year. Even if you have feng shui-ed your home using a great Feng Shui master in the past, you must update your feng shui annually according to the Flying Star chart and other charts of the New Year. Ignoring the time dimension can cause you great harm – negative, afflictive energies may hit you – especially if your main door is located in a sector that is hit by an afflictive star such as the 5 yellow or 7 star for example.


Look for my brand new Time Dimension Feng Shui online course – coming soon! And be sure to purchase your annual Fortune and Feng Shui Animal Horoscope book for 2015!
Click here to purchase your 2015 FORTUNE & FENG SHUI BOOKS


What is Your Gift?

Spiritual awakening creates clarity about your real purpose in life. Everyone has a “gift” – the ability to do something so much better than others – what is your gift? The sooner you discover what your purpose is and begin to accept that we are all here on earth for a purpose your life becomes much more meaningful.




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