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ltpic9It’s almost mid-November and the year is quickly passing by. If you are like me, you’re glad that the Year of the Horse is almost finished. It’s so reassuring to know that the Paht Chee chart for 2015 contains all of the five elements and we are likely to see a lessening of interpersonal bickering…so the energies between people are expected to improve. I can’t tell you how many people have told me stories or written to me this year describing personal problems that have come up with people they love dearly…things that have never happened before!

So 2015 should be a much kinder year for all of us with plenty of good fortune for everyone! However do note that the individual animal signs are generally weaker in the coming year in terms of personal confidence and inner strength. So in 2015 it is extremely important to be positive in all areas of your life… to stay focused and believe in yourself rather than playing in the negative field. Your success will be directly related to how positive you are and how strongly you can motivate yourself.

So keep this in mind when you are planning for 2015 and setting your goals. People who simply don’t think about what they want to achieve and just take whatever life gives them always amaze me. You must be different. Make your goals realistic and achievable and really think them through. Don’t just plunge headlong into something without serious thought. Once you know what it is you want to achieve in the coming year, FOCUS on it with a clear head and heart. Be determined! And when you do this with good motivation there is nothing that can stop you! In fact why not begin right now? No need to wait for 2015.



Managing The 3 Killings – What To Do in 2015



The 3 killings direction brings three kinds of misfortune and it always occupies one of the four cardinal directions – north, south, east or west of any given year. This covers 90 degrees of the compass and it is terribly dangerous in any year. In this year of the Horse, the 3 killings direction is in the north, while next year, 2015 it will be in the WEST. In 2015 it affects all homes that face West or have main doors located in the West.

What you do not want to have is the 3 killings behind you, so if you are sitting with your back to the north this year (2014), or next year with your back to the west it will bring you harm. What you can do to overcome this is to sit facing one of your other good directions or you can sit facing the three killings. That means this year, 2014 it is okay to sit facing north and in 2015 it is just fine to sit facing WEST.

Why face the 3 killings? Because you want to ensure that you will directly confront it, and by doing this it is the best way to overcome it’s negative effects. It will not hurt you if you face it, but having it behind you could hurt you a great deal and subject you to the three types of misfortune: loss of wealth, loss of good name and loss of a loved one. It is always beneficial to sit facing the three killings head on.

Renovations: If you are planning renovations in the WEST in 2015 you had better let another year pass before starting. The three killings should not be disturbed, so it is recommended that you do not undertake any renovations in the West sector of your home or office.

LT3CelestialGardian5ElementCureProtection/Cure: For 2015 I recommend you use a set of 3 Celestial Guardian Five Element Yang Metal Cure. This is a specially made small metal container that has three large coloured glass crystals in yellow, blue and green to signify Earth, Water and Wood. We place a small candle inside to awaken the fire element, which symbolizes Yang Fire and will overcome and exhaust the Three Killings. It is only the fire energy that can suppress the Three Killings in a metal sector (West). When the fire is lit is also wakes up the five elements and this is a powerful way to suppress the Three Killings in 2015.

This is especially effective in safeguarding the feng shui of your office so be sure to place it on the west sector on a table or sideboard.

In any year the placement of the Three Celestial Guardians – the Fu dog, The Pi Yao and the Chi Lin is an excellent remedy for keeping the three killings under control.

Note: The 5 Yellow or Wu Wang also occupies the WEST in 2015 so this is a badly afflicted sector this year.
Here’s a handy guide to locate the 3 killings each year:

In the year of the dog, tiger and horse it is in the NORTH
In the year of the pig, rabbit and sheep it is in the WEST
In the year of the monkey, rat and dragon it is in the SOUTH
In the year of the ox, snake and rooster it is in the EAST.
Good luck!

P.S. You can find charts like the one above in the 2015 Feng Shui Almanac. Click here to order.

How to Use Mystical Mudras For A Quick, Easy Energy Check

Mudras are mystical hand signs and they can be used to check the energy chi of your home or office. If you feel something is wrong and you’ve checked your feng shui and everything seems to be in order…but you’re still having problems then try using these mystical mudras to investigate and uncover negative energy that may be causing you harm.

Always start with the protection mudra shown below.



Here’s What To Do:

  1. Close your fingers into a fist and then straighten the index and little finger.
  2. Hold your hands with palms facing upwards in this position.
  3. Slowly walk around the rooms of your house or office until you begin to feel a small tingling sensation in your hands. This is the protection mudra that ensures you do not collide with negative energy as you walk around the room.
  4. Keep your body erect and spine straight so that your inner chi flows unimpeded through your body thereby facilitating your investigation.
  5. You may have to walk around the room a few times. Your hands will help you detect and resolve difficult chi energy- they will tingle when you encounter negative chi.
  6. Investigate the vicinity of the area. The mudras assist you in penetrating the chi of that part of your home or office. Often, when you inspect more closely the cause of illness or problems will be revealed.
  7. To use mystical mudras effectively, you must learn to synchronize the use of your eyes with that of your hand mudra of investigation. Try to keep an open mind as energy works in strange ways and can be caused by any number of things. However, if you have an idea of what to look for it makes things easier. Be sure to read my examples below.

My Personal Examples

  1. A Nest of Red Ants – near the base of my rambutan tree. When I appeased the ant nest with incense offering they left after a week…and so did the mysterious red rash that had developed across the front of the body of my maid…the tree was just outside her window.
  2. A Hairline Crack – I noticed a hairline crack across the face of a mature lady that was part of a beautiful Chinese screen I had hanging in my living room. It struck me as most inauspicious…and I had recently developed an unexplainable severe pain across my face. I had used the investigation mudra to get a feel of the energy and what could be causing me this problem…so as soon as I saw the line across her face I dismantled the screen and moved it to my storeroom. The pain vanished almost immediately!
  3. A Huge Crack in Our Rice Urn – I was going through a difficult time having just returned from Hong Kong and could not shake off the feeling of dread and fear which didn’t make any sense to me. I suspected something was wrong with the energy of our home so I used the mudra to go around and stopped in front of the rice urn. There was a huge crack that ran the length of the urn from mouth to bottom…but the maid had turned the crack to the back so it was not noticeable. I immediately changed the urn and my feelings of dread disappeared…I became more confident and happy. So if you are feeling uncertain of yourself or afraid…use the investigation mudra as it may be due to objects in your home that are causing you to feel this way.

Good Luck!

ltpic10-2Grand Master Lillian Too is undoubtedly the world’s most prolific and popular writer and advocate on living with good feng shui! She has written over 100 books that have been translated into 31 different languages, and over 10 million copies of her books have been sold worldwide.

After graduating with an MBA from Harvard Business School, Lillian went on to pursue a highly successful business career in banking and finance in the 1980’s in Hong Kong. Her business acumen, drive and abundant energy soon led her from the finance world to the world of luxury department stores and boutiques where, through a leveraged buy out, she became Chairman and shareholder of The Dragon Seed Group.

All the while she was guided and taught by her feng shui masters in Hong Kong and China – and she attributes much of her monumental and quick rise to success in Hong Kong directly to them.

Lillian soon decided to retire from active corporate life and return to Malaysia to raise her beautiful daughter, Jennifer, and spend more time with her family. It was at this time she began to devote her energy to writing and furthering her study of feng shui.

She published her first book in Malaysia in 1995 that quickly became a best seller and the rest is history. Today she is Chairman of Wofs.Com, a feng shui franchise and merchandising company run by her daughter, Jennifer Too.

She trains feng shui students and future consultants at her Certified Consulting Institute in Malaysia and is much loved by her readers, associates and students for the way she teaches practical feng shui in a user-friendly way, using ordinary situations and circumstances that interest people and affect their everyday lives.

In November 2009, at the International Feng Shui Convention in Singapore, the well-deserved title of GRAND MASTER OF FENG SHUI was conferred upon Lillian Too. Immediately following this accolade, in early January 2010, she received the prestigious Brand Laureate Personality of The Year Award presented by the Deputy Prime Minister of Malaysia! There seems to be no stopping her popularity and these days!

Lillian believes everyone should know her secrets and learn how to adapt feng shui to modern life… and she warmly welcomes you into her Mandala.

You can learn more about Lillian by visiting her website at

Lillian Too Mandala – North American Office
3840 Blackhawk Rd,
Danville, CA 94506
Toll Free Info and Customer Servce : 1 866 508 8806
Email: Fax: +1 925 736 6177

The Double Fish

The double fish brings good fortune of abundance and also good descendant’s luck. Many people who regard the double fish as something that will ensure that all their descendants stay safe and strong also regard it as a protective symbol. In Thailand, a double fish symbol is often given to children to wear as a protective talisman. The double fish bring protection and good luck!

Never reject or dismiss ideas that come to you through mysterious or unusual ways, and don’t be afraid of ideas that suddenly pop into your head. It is always beneficial to let the mind wander! Whether or not you honor your ideas and take action on them is of course up to you.


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