This creature also brings wealth

ltpic9We’re already into the third month of the Wood Horse…time is flying by. And speaking of time and flying…I want to be sure to remind you to update your flying stars this month and every month. I know, I know…I sound like a broken record. But look, this takes just a short amount of time and the effects are amazing. In fact, I know people who ignore the monthly updates and then have problems. Sure, the annual updates are super important and of course they work and will protect you…but we have to remember the time dimension of this practice as well. So please read the monthly update below and do as I recommend, okay?

Being Chinese I tend to take for granted certain rituals – like protective guardians and how to empower them, because in my family and home they have always just been there. But we do receive on a regular basis lots of questions about fu dogs and chi lins from students in the USA and other western cultures. So this week I’ve included some information for you on the guardians themselves and how you can empower them to protect your family, home and even your office.

My personal favorite is the Pi Yao because this creature is also believed to bring wealth!

When you nurture the spirit essence of your home you receive cosmic protection, especially when your protective guardians are empowered and awakened and have been consecrated with incense and the regular recitation of powerful mantras. All of this brings you excellent well-being, happiness and success!

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Third Month of the Jia Wood Horse
(April 5 – May 5, 2014)

Here’s your monthly flying star chart and I urge you to review this and pay attention to these recommendations. This covers the period April 5 – May 5, 2014.

In each of the nine grids you’ll see two numbers. The larger number is the annual star, which you probably are already familiar with, and the smaller number in the lower right corner is the monthly star.

The first thing to do is determine where the most important rooms in your house are located. By important I mean rooms that you use frequently…like your bedroom, the kids’ rooms, dining room etc. You may already know this, but if not use a reliable compass and stand in the center of your home to take your directions. Once you know where each sector is, you can refer to the flying star chart below and take appropriate action. So if your front door, the one everyone uses is located in the north sector then refer to the relevant grid below for the kind of luck that will affect everyone in the household this month.


What is the Luckiest Sector of the Month?

The WEST is a sector of great PROSPERITY luck so if your bedroom or main rooms are in the west this combination of stars brings fabulous money luck and is especially good for buying and selling properties. If your bedroom is here activate with crystals and at work you may be helped by excellent mentor luck. If your front door is located here it’s a great time to pursue new ventures. An Inukshuk water feature will also enhance prosperity chi here.

The SOUTH is also in store for a prosperous month bringing excellent career advancement and wealth luck from the white star # 1.You can enhance your good fortune with a General Cao Cao. Although lots of opportunities present themselves for moneymaking, there could be disagreements and misunderstanding among business partners due to a conflict of elements. Place an 8 immortal mountain in the south of your office or house to take care of this.

Unlucky sectors?

Steer clear of the NORTHEAST if possible this month. There could be a robbery here as the magnifying 9 star meets the violent red 7 star. Display the Kuan Kung with 5 flags and the Blue Elephant and Rhino here (you should have the rhino/elephant here all the time anyway since the annual 7 star is located in this sector). Now, if your main door is in the NE then place a pair of FU DOGS to guard your house. Keep sharp objects out of the NE since violent energy could lead to argument and actual physical fights.

The second area to avoid is the SOUTHEAST as the monthly Five Yellow flies in bringing money troubles and arguments causing loss of money and business luck. If your bedroom is located in the Southeast you could face serious financial loss and money disputes. Place a Bejewelled Vairocana Stupa in this area to control the afflicted energies. Remove noise and windchimes this month and female adults should move their bedrooms and avoid this place as they will be affected with health problems to do with the eye. Always carry your protective annual Wu Lou Amulet to suppress bad energies.

There are several other areas that are a bit dangerous this month like the SW, North and NW, so it’s important to fine-tune your feng shui every month and take care of the monthly flying stars. You’ll find these monthly charts in Feng Shui World Magazine, so if you’re not already a subscriber I suggest you sign on! It’s quick and easy and always available when you choose the online version…but printed copies are of course available as well…and the best news is this is now a MONTHLY magazine effective January 1, 2014!

Click here to order your Feng Shui World Magazine

Good luck!

Empowering Your Celestial Guardians

Almost all Chinese families, no matter what their social status, still observe the lucky rituals of the old days. One such ritual is the placement of celestial guardians flanking the entrance to the home. So popular is this ritual that even people with no knowledge of the power of these guardian animals will place them outside to guard their homes. Many also observe the rituals of “awakening the spirit of the guardian and opening its eyes…by engaging a Taoist master to conduct the ritual.

The three most popular guardian animals favoured by the Chinese are the Fu Dogs, Chi Lins or Pi Yaos.


They are considered celestial because they do not exist in our real physical world (although they may have at one time in history – something like the unicorn). In any case they have now the status of being “celestial” and it is believed that when awakened, these celestial guardians are very effective in protecting the home from robbery, evil people and enemies. They are normally placed flanking your main door or on your main gate, being made of either stone, ceramic, brass or wood.

Everyone Uses Them

Throughout the world the symbols may differ but it seems everyone uses some form of protection. If you visit Tibet you will find the guardian animal the Snow Lion or Chimera and the countries of Thailand, Nepal, Cambodia and Indonesia you will also find their own versions of celestial guardians. The one thing that all these protective guardian animals have in common is their very fierce look. They all have bulging eyes, horns and fangs and generally look like a cross between a horse, dog, lion and dragon.

Of course over time all things spiritual can get mixed up with religious beliefs, but in general, rituals are more spiritual than religious as almost all protective practices are tied to localized traditions. Depending on where you are from or the lineage one’s ritual comes from, there is sure to be minor variations, especially over the passage of time.

Now, lets get back to empowering our guardians. In feng shui, the ritual of placing celestial guardians flanking the doorway is a seriously observed tradition. Just choose which of the celestial protectors you prefer, but take note that the lion is the fiercest. Personally, I like them all…but I especially like the Pi Yao as this creature is also believed to bring wealth!

Here’s How To Empower Your Celestial Guardians

You can either go in search of a Taoist or Buddhist Master to awaken their spirit and symbolically “open their eyes” with black paint or you can do it yourself. If you decide to do it yourself, then first focus your mind on the job at hand and use your own empowered hands to dot the eyes of the guardians with black ink, then dot their orifices with red cinnabar ink and recite the empowering mantra three times. Blow over the creatures and then pronounce them the Guardians of your home.

Remember to state your name and address out loud – describe the home as belonging to you. Don’t forget this vital piece of information.

I respect this tradition very much because I have experienced its protective effects again and again. So I do advise following this wonderful way of protection the home and your office as well.

Good luck!


ltpic10Grand Master Lillian Too is undoubtedly the world’s most prolific and popular writer and advocate on living with good feng shui! She has written over 100 books that have been translated into 31 different languages, and over 10 million copies of her books have been sold worldwide.

After graduating with an MBA from Harvard Business School, Lillian went on to pursue a highly successful business career in banking and finance in the 1980’s in Hong Kong. Her business acumen, drive and abundant energy soon led her from the finance world to the world of luxury department stores and boutiques where, through a leveraged buy out, she became Chairman and shareholder of The Dragon Seed Group.

All the while she was guided and taught by her feng shui masters in Hong Kong and China – and she attributes much of her monumental and quick rise to success in Hong Kong directly to them.

Lillian soon decided to retire from active corporate life and return to Malaysia to raise her beautiful daughter, Jennifer, and spend more time with her family. It was at this time she began to devote her energy to writing and furthering her study of feng shui.

She published her first book in Malaysia in 1995 that quickly became a best seller and the rest is history. Today she is Chairman of Wofs.Com, a feng shui franchise and merchandising company run by her daughter, Jennifer Too.

She trains feng shui students and future consultants at her Certified Consulting Institute in Malaysia and is much loved by her readers, associates and students for the way she teaches practical feng shui in a user-friendly way, using ordinary situations and circumstances that interest people and affect their everyday lives.

In November 2009, at the International Feng Shui Convention in Singapore, the well-deserved title of GRAND MASTER OF FENG SHUI was conferred upon Lillian Too. Immediately following this accolade, in early January 2010, she received the prestigious Brand Laureate Personality of The Year Award presented by the Deputy Prime Minister of Malaysia! There seems to be no stopping her popularity and these days!

Lillian believes everyone should know her secrets and learn how to adapt feng shui to modern life… and she warmly welcomes you into her Mandala.

You can learn more about Lillian by visiting her website at

Lillian Too Mandala – North American Office
3840 Blackhawk Rd,
Danville, CA 94506
Toll Free Info and Customer Servce : 1 866 508 8806
Email: Fax: +1 925 736 6177


Orchids Are Good Feng Shui

Orchids symbolize strength and courage
Orchids are symbols of strength and courage. If you live in a climate where you can grow them outdoors, in your garden, they will bring good healthy chi to your home. And because they are so sturdy and long lasting, it also represents a lengthy stay in your career. If growing outside is not possible, then why not grow a few orchids inside instead?







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