Keeping Your Furniture In Sync

Keeping Your Furniture In Sync

Furniture plays an important role in living with good feng shui…so if you are buying new furniture or considering redecorating soon here are few things to keep in mind:

Chair Selection
RedChairMake sure your chairs always give you support and they are comfortable. For example, dining room chairs that are too small suggest limited growth and if they are uncomfortable as well, it suggests that your current lifestyle may decline. So when you are selecting chairs for your home go for larger rather than smaller and with back and arm support whenever possible.

Table Selection
In the dining room the most auspicious table is a large round one. If tables are too narrow or too small there will not be enough room for family gatherings and people may feel crowded and conversation can be stifled. These tight settings also suggest your prosperity and success will also become constricted. Choose a large round table if you can with comfortable high backed chairs.

When deciding on a bed, be sure to include a headboard as they provide excellent support.

BedYour bed should never be too short in length for your body or too small as this stunts growth (both physically and materially). However when your bed is too large it can cause relationship issues. So size is very important when considering the type of bed to purchase not only for you but for children and teenagers as well.

Mattresses should also be firm and give you good support…but never put two twin mattresses together to make a larger full size bed as this suggests an invisible line of separation between you and your partner and can create marital rifts.

Make sure there are no open shelves behind or above you and never sleep under ceiling beams. All of these are poison arrows that cause serious harm.

Furniture Placement and Style
Your furniture should never block the flow of chi – energy must be able to move and flow freely in a slow meandering fashion. Make sure the room is not overcrowded and your furniture is in proportion to other items in the room. Remember that feng shui is all about balance so keep this in mind when deciding on placement of various pieces of furniture.

In future ezines we’ll look at how and why shape and various color combinations of your furnishings play such an important role in the feng shui and interior design of your home and office.


Even your pets need proper support.


Suffering Too Much Bad Luck?
Time to Tune Into Your Spiritual Chi EnergyOnce you are a practitioner of spiritual feng shui you automatically become sensitive to your environment…because you are living in a state of awareness with your surroundings. You are more open to the signals being sent to you by the cosmos that you might have missed in the past. Natural signs like changes in weather patterns, trees, flowers and birds and even cloud patterns may all have messages for you.Your hearing becomes more acute…your vision more open and you develop a greater awareness and sensitivity to almost anything around you…especially when things are “out of sync”.Some signs of things being “out of sync” are indicated by the following: losing your luggage, watching a wicked deed, seeing a beggar as you leave your home, having your home blocked by road barriers, having an animal run across your path while driving or seeing an accident or a house collapse. It’s also bad luck to be served with a chipped or cracked glass or plate!

ltluggageWhen signs like this appear, you MUST do something instantly to dissolve the misfortune energy coming your way. You should not hesitate to leave a restaurant that sends out negative signals to you or walk out of a shop where the sales person is rude. Negative energy should always be stopped in its tracks, and symbolically waving away negativity with your hand or clapping three times is a good habit to develop. I always wave away invisible bubbles of negativity each time I notice an inauspicious sign or someone saying something negative to me.

Another thing you can do is to immediately offer incense to the cosmic spirits around your house. Instantly use the clapping exercise to dissolve the bad chi energy. When you lose your luggage quickly light a joss stick of incense to invoke the help of the local spirits. If the luggage is found, use a joss stick to clear the energy of the suitcase. If it doesn’t return, be happy that the bad energy has been lost.

ltclappinghandsIf you meet obstacles when driving then look for another route – another road, and change your itinerary if plans are seriously hampered. Almost anything can cause you delays and sometimes missing a flight is not always a bad thing- it could save your life.

When an animal runs across the road in front of you like a black cat or a dog, then pull over and wait for another car to pass you before continuing – this will instantly break the bad luck.

As you become more aware of spiritual feng shui and begin to activate your inner chi, it becomes an integral part of your every waking moment. Being more sensitive to the vibrations of the cosmic realms, you become aware of signs that are prompted by your inner chi. Do not dismiss too quickly what your inner spirit is making you aware of…pause for a moment and consider what the sign or incident is telling you!

All of this and more can be found in my latest book …Spiritual Feng Shui…the vital Third Dimension!



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