Take A Good Look Around You And Avoid Bad Feng Shui

Years ago, as far back as the Tang dynasty, when feng shui was very very popular amongst the Chinese people, they would really look closely at the surrounding environment. They would smell the air and the breezes that blow…and in a lot of very rich, wealthy homes you could find lovely paintings of mountains and rivers to assimilate the wonderful environment to house the dragon. It was always auspicious to live in areas of gently undulating land with a little bit of mountain, hilly terrain out in the country.

But nowadays many of us live in the city…in apartments and condominiums where landscape feng shui has become less easy to interpret. Nonetheless, no matter where you live…in an apartment, a private home, a town or link house, you must pay attention to what’s around you…to the landscape feng shui. You must develop what I call your Feng Shui Eye…and learn to trust your instincts as well.

Basically, when you look at something that is vey pleasing to the eye, then it’s good feng shui. When you look at something that appears to be hostile and jarring…and seems to threaten you, then it’s bad feng shui. The main thing is that feng shui is really a lot of common sense.

LTthreateningviewYou know when I was in Hong Kong in the old days there was this rock that was overhanging a building and it looked like a really fierce frog. I thought it was going to topple over onto the building and of course one day it actually did! And the locals all said it was really bad feng shui knowing it was ready to topple over.

So if there is an overhanging rock threatening your apartment block or house you must do something to block off the view so you don’t see it. What you do not see does not hurt you – so that’s a very important thing to remember.

If from your apartment you can see something really threatening…like a building crane because a multi-level building is going up next to you…then you must have very heavy curtains to block it off. Don’t look at it.

There’s also the concept of Secret Poison Arrows, which you may be totally unaware but they could be causing you great harm. They could be coming from your neighbor’s house, from the surrounding roads, from big trees or buildings creating what we call Shar Chi…killing negative energy. When they hit your home it can be very serious – not only for you but all residents inside.

lttriangeroofThe most common poison arrow that you have to be aware of is the triangular roof shape – you know where the edge of the roof can just shoot at you. In the old days the roofs were slightly flat which was much better…but today many roofs have very sharp, hostile triangular energy that may be shooting directly at you. You should not be surprised if everything you do seems to go wrong when you are facing such an arrow.

What you can do is simply block off the view…for example maybe you can plant a tree. And actually when you go a little deeper into feng shi you can use the 5-Element Theory to block off the very bad negative energy coming at you. You can use a fountain that sprinkles water into the air…grow a little clump of trees, hang a wind chime or shine a very bright light. Of course you need to know how to apply the 5-Element formula so you can select the right element to fit the problem.

There are lots of things that are very harmful and I’ve covered only one or two here. If you’d like to learn more about the 5-Element Theory and the guidelines to follow to keep you and your family safe…then please be sure to sign up for my upcoming course, Practical Feng Shui For Modern Living! I cover all of this and much more in this NEW 24 module video course that brings ancient feng shui secrets to today’s modern living styles with quick and easy methods.

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Overcoming Fear To Empower Your Spirit Essence

“Talk to any successful businessman, acclaimed expert, famous achiever and you will find that many of them believe they create their own luck. They are not wrong, because the luck factor is indeed self-created. Germinating from within, it expands and becomes powerful when it finds fertile ground within the psyche of the person who is unafraid. Luck comes to the warrior soul who is not afraid to try; who is willing to move bravely forward without being held back by any kind of fear -either of failure, of ridicule or of not surviving.

ltstrongdesireThe good luck factor is a sure thing for those whose desire for what they want is so strong it creates an emotional electrical charge that combines with their inner spirit to generate the energy to move forward, expecting attainment. The positively charged inner spirit enables them to attract exactly the circumstances and the opportunities needed at precisely the moment when they need the good luck! In other words, it makes them “peak at exactly the right moment.”

A Strong Spirit Essence
Yet luck alone is not enough. There must also be spiritual strength. Only the conviction of the spirit can cement the good luck factor and deliver success. A strong spirit essence makes us courageous and confident, so we can move forward convincingly in whatever we do, taking risks, coping with difficult obstacles that block us, allowing our instincts to guide us, push us ahead and pull us forward. When we fall or falter, we can pull ourselves up again and move on. The brave heart expects rainbows at every corner…and never doubts the ability to emerge victorious. Expectations are rarely discouraging. The inner spirit stays resilient.

A Weak Spirit Essence
A weak spirit essence makes us fear everything, makes us scared to take risks, learn new things, acquire new knowledge, meet new friends, experience new sensations. Fear, when constantly present, becomes a habit. The more we are afraid, the heavier whatever task at hand appears to be, and the livelier will be our imagination so that at the subconscious level we can easily be urged to abandon the task at hand.

ltfearsFear is a extremely powerful emotion and the energy that is tied into an expectation of the things we fear most creates the circumstances for the feared expectation to occur. Fear becomes its own self-fulfilling prophecy. People who fear, reject the luck factor without realizing they are doing so. They sabotage themselves and their own success. They attract the very things they fear – illness, bad people, disappointments, accidents and failure.

The opposite of fear is the courage to keep and open mind. This is the key to harnessing the good luck factor, as it encourages us to develop, generate and sustain our spirit and the inner strength that gives impetus to our life.

Fear is something that everyone feels. Different people have different kinds of fears, what we call phobias. But fear can be overcome, because everything fearful is generated by one’s own mind. We should thus systematically transform all our negative mental images into positive ones.”

This excerpt was taken from Lillian Too’s latest book “SPIRITUAL FENG SHUI – THE VITAL THIRD DIMENSIONIn this book Lillian reveals secret practices of spiritual feng shui that directly address the vitally important third dimension of luck transformation, showing you how to invoke worldly gods, protectors and spirit landlords to seriously protect you and expand your good fortune.



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