Now You Can Make Your Own Personal Love Talisman (That Really Works!)

If you are looking to invite romance into your life, there is a very potent classical method that you can use to speed things along! Based on the Kua formula, each person has their own personal compass love corner in the home. This corner governs your interpersonal relationships with your spouse and family, and when it is properly activated, it helps love to blossom in your life. This compass direction is referred to as your NIEN YEN direction, and identifiying this will require you to first determine your Kua Number. Once you know where it is located, tap into the talismanic powers of the I Ching Trigram of this love sector, and follow the steps below to making your own Love Talisman!


  • Calculate your personal Kua Number by using our FREE Kua number calculator available on
  • Check the table above to dtermine your Nien Yen and teh trigram represented by this sector.
  • Using a good quality compass, determine the love corners of your living room and bedroom.
  • Using an art brush, paint your personal love trigram on red paper, and as you do this, think of all the qualities you wish to have in a loved one. Write your name and birthdate on the paper underneath the trigram with black ink.
  • Let the paper dry, and then place it inside a gilded frame. The frame should be golden in colour.
  • Your talisman is now ready. Hang or display in your Nien Yen corner of your bedroom or living room.

You can find very cool information like this in our Feng Shui Almanac, published annually. Be sure to purchase the 2014 Feng Shui Almanac, which is now on sale online and in stores everywhere!


 I hope you will enjoy this excerpt from my book Living With Good Feng Shui. This is a very special book and “Rinpoche” here refers to Lama Zopa Rinpoche my precious lama and teacher. “Rinpoche” by definition actually means “precious” and is widely accepted as a term of devotion.

“Blessing Power Of The Buddhas”
(from Part 7 – “High Lamas Come Visiting”)


“Creating karmic merit does not have to be difficult. Indeed, Rinpoche’s style makes it so easy. Live a good life, never harming people, he tells me from the start. Live your life always benefitting others; be mindful of all your thoughts, words and deeds and try to make sure you refrain from creating negative energy from body, speech or mind.

Rinpoche also taught me how to create extra merit – like skies of merit, he would tell me; simply by turning prayer wheels filled with mantras, by circumambulating the stupa, by making tsa tsas (little Buddha statues), by reciting mantras, by setting up altars known as the rupakayas of Buddhist deities. This, Rinpoche said, manifests karmic merit, which comes from the blessing power of the Buddhas.

…The more Rinpoche revealed these secrets to me, I came to realize that they complemented all that I was doing in feng shui. In fact, when I combined the spiritual practices of creating merit with my knowledge of feng shui, I came to understand how enormously empowering the spiritual practices were.

All images of Buddha deities, Rinpoche explained to me, all stupas and prayer wheels, all painted images and statues represent Buddha’s mind, known as Dharmakaya.

These are holy objects, especially when they are consecrated and filled with powerful mantras. They bring incredible blessings, which come direct from the Buddhas.”

If you have learned from and enjoyed my other books then I know you will be amazed and delighted with Living With Good Feng Shui if it is not already part of your feng shui library. As you tour my home I reveal many feng shui formulas with practical applications that are easy to understand… and although I’ve redecorated in some areas of my home since the book was published, this is an excellent way to learn feng shui and take a spiritual journey with me as well!


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