Handbag Horror…It’s Time to DEJUNK!

In feng shui I’m always recommending that you take time to “dejunk” and clear unwanted clutter and unnecessary “stuff” from your life in order to enhance the space around you.

This also includes you handbags, purses and briefcases!

lthandbagA woman’s handbag is the ultimate store of junk…receipts, credit card slips and odd pieces of paper, lipstick, business cards, pen, notebooks, phone, and heaps of other personal effects. After just a week a handbag can bulge with a truly amazing collection of assorted clutter!

What’s in your handbag right now? Take a look!

Here’s what I recommend that you do – especially if you want to attract good fortune and money luck!

  1. Empty your personal handbag once a week and get rid of unwanted rubbish!
  2. Place items inside your bag in a nicely organized fashion to allow the energy to flow in.
  3. Always place an amulet protection inside your bag.
  4. Clean the outside of your bag as well as the inside regularly – a clean purse is very auspicious.
  5. Change out soiled money and don’t let the amount of coins you carry become too heavy.
  6. Carry a smaller pouch in your handbag to keep credit card receipts, odd pieces of paper and receipts separated from your money.ltredbagandshoes
  7. Red wallets are great for energy enhancement (yang chi)…however some years require different energies (and colors)…in 2013 this is green!
  8. Place three coins tied with a red string inside your wallet to attract money luck.
  9. If possible, keep a dollar bill from a rich person’s pocket in your own wallet at all times to create wealth energy for you.
  10. Get a new wallet and handbag if you old one is soiled or tarnished. Don’t be overly sentimental – there are so many gorgeous wallets and bags on the market today.

The Secret of A Peaceful Night’s Sleep!

We all need to protect ourselves and our inner vitality and chi even while we sleep. Try these two methods at the end of the day before going to bed – both involve the use of rock salt or sea salt. You’ll find they are simple, inexpensive and extremely effective!

1.  Cleanse Your Aura First: Begin by placing about 3-6 ounces (100 – 200 grams)  ltseasaltof pure sea salt (a form of rock salt that works very well) into a bowl, mix the salt around with you hands picking it up and rubbing your hands together vigorously… soon your hands will begin to tingle and you will feel the power of the sea crystals. Shake off any remaining salt.

Now, place your hands palms together over your head about one inch above your head. Gradually bring your palms down the body as if you were stroking your body until you reach your feet. While you are doing this imagine that you are brushing away and getting rid of all the negative energy and bad vibrations that you picked up during the day. Do this three times on each side of the body, then three times on the front and finish up with three times on the back of your body. Next shake out your hands and fling away any negative energy that may still be clinging to you. Get rid of it!

The final symbolic step is to wash your hands again in salt and then thoroughly with soap and water – removing any and all remaining negative energy once and for all. Do this every evening for a week and see how you are feeling – you should feel much lighter and much better!

2.  Sleep Peacefully Tonight: After completing the cleansing ritual described above, place a glass of water mixed with rock salt (sea salt) on the table next to your bedside. You will be surprised at how well you will sleep as the sea salt continues to cleanse any and all the negative vibrations you have picked up and absorbed during the day.

You can do these together as described above or just do one or the other… they are very effective either way.

Consider cleansing your sleeping space as well – for example place your pillows and mattress outside in the sunshine for at least three hours to absorb the yang chi of the sunlight and remove any negative energy. You can also do an incense cleanse by lighting fragrant incense and then walking clockwise around the room three times to rid the room of any remaining negative chi. As you do this, chant the mantra “NAMA SARVA TATHAGATHA AVALOKITE OM SAMBHARA SAMBHARA HUNG”.

Good luck!


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