If Your Health is Suffering…Check This Health Pa Kua!

Many people turn to feng shui for help with health issues…but many people are not aware of the direct relationship that each of the sectors (trigrams) and element energy associated with that sector has on specific organs of our bodies and particular body parts. When a specific sector of your home is afflicted it can directly affect body parts and internal organs associated with that sector. So, this is based on the trigram of the sector and the element energy associated with that sector.

If you are suffering from an internal disorder, consider which sector of the house you sleep in or spend a lot of time in and check to see if that particular sector is in some way negatively afflicted…it could be furniture placement, color combinations, poison arrows or a flying star problem. For example if your bedroom is in the north sector (water) and this is negatively afflicted you could be experiencing problems with your bladder and/or kidneys since they are of the “water element”.


Now each of the eight directions is also associated with a specific body part (in addition to internal organs). So if a particular direction is afflicted and you sleep or reside in that area a significant amount of time it would not be surprising to find you are experiencing problems or disorders. Here is a summary of the body parts as related to each of the eight trigrams:


Understanding the relationship between the parts of the body and internal organs and the eight directions with associated element energy gives you great advantage and adds much to your feng shui practice. If you are suffering today or in poor health please check for afflictions in your home according to the above outline.

Wishing you good health always!

White Umbrella Goddess Offers Us Protection

Ushnisha Sitatapatra, the White Umbrella Goddess, saves us from harm… and protects us from many kinds of bad people and evil spirits. Her white parasol is a symbol of protection… from natural disasters, the evil intentions of others wanting to harm us and other misfortune.


She is the female form of Avalokiteshvara, the Buddha of Compassion with a thousand arms and eyes to watch over and protect us. Reciting her powerful mantra everyday will invoke her protection and shelter, which we can all benefit from…especially in this competitive and often dangerous world and in a year when natural disasters like earthquakes and fires are rampant.


Invite Ushnisha, the manifestation of Kwan Yin into your home. Get a thanka of her and hang it so it is looking out of the house. The seed syllable of the White Umbrella Goddess is “OM” and in addition to the protections mentioned above, she also protects against black magic.

We have created many beautiful Umbrella goddess products – like the “White Umbrella Goddess” plaque…offering an impregnable vajra circle of protection. In it’s center on a lion throne on cushions of the sun and moon is OM, which becomes this heroine of greatness who destroys obstacles, bad luck and bad karma in an instant.

Click here for the White Umbrella Goddess Plaque

I explained more about Ushnisha at the Spiritual Feng Shui event in July. If you wish, you can order the video series of that event. It will not be available too much longer so if you are interested you can click below to order the videos.

Click here for Lillian’s video series “ Channeling the Spirit of Shambala”

With love,



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