Successful people are watching…are you?

It saddens me to watch on television the devastation caused by the enormous forest fires burning now in California and at the time of this writing…only 20 percent contained. Thousands upon thousands of acres of pine forests in the Yosemite area have been destroyed…but I understand why it is happening.

Ironically, during my Spiritual Feng Shui event in KL last month, I discussed the many classes of spirit beings and the necessity to appease them with incense offerings of pine leaves – fragrant offerings of pine and sap. The spirits need love and compassion…and pine leaves incense.

I explained that in the old days Native American Indians gave offerings all the time to the spirits…but now that tradition has been forgotten in many places…hence the spirits create their own offerings by burning the forests!

We all need protection from harm and Spiritual Feng Shui keeps you protected and your inner spirit – your chi energy or lung ta strong. I teach you all about this…the protectors and guardians, the Kalachakra Mandala (which actually creates a ring of protection around your house so the gui cannot enter), all about the various kinds and forms of incense for specific needs like health, wealth, love…and how to use the Magic of Reflection and the Magic of Sound… in my video presentation from the event.

You’ll also learn about King Gesar of Ling…I wrote about him in the July/August issue of Feng Shui World Magazine…but in these videos I go very deep into this powerful protector, the master of the Windhorse…and what to do if you are depressed or having problems and your inner essence is weak.

Here’s another clip from my video series – I highly recommend you take a few minutes and watch it…

Click here for my video

I think you’ll agree that the timing of this video information is perfect…you’ll learn how to keep yourself and your family safe. Learn how to gain the protection of local spirits who can send you signs of danger, bring you signs of good fortune, prevent black magic and help you in court cases!

We all need the help of COSMIC PROTECTORS – the powerful spirits who have sworn to protect us…so do take a minute and listen to this clip, okay?

Click here for my video

To your health and safety…and of course good fortune always!


P.S. Since my email yesterday we’ve received many emails asking how to purchase the videos.Tomorrow I’ll be releasing information about how to get the complete video series from my Spiritual Feng Shui event …be sure to read your ezinetomorrow…Wednesday August 28 edition, okay?


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