Your FREE Video Clip from Lillian

Just a few weeks ago I returned home from Singapore after completing my Spiritual Feng Shui event…and then we held another one here in KL on the 28th of July! It was a bit tiring but all worth it!

The number of happy emails I have received delights me and I’m so glad to learn (but not surprised) that in just a few weeks things have already begun to change positively for many of you who attended the event. Just like magic!!

Didn’t I mention that once you invoke the King of Shambhala to protect you that you would feel the results within 7 days??

I’m sure you began using and applying some of the simple suggestions I gave you…especially the ones we went over step by step at the event! I told you these were powerful!

Now this is really exciting…and strengthens my conviction that I was right in my decision to share my knowledge of Spiritual Feng Shui practices with the public.

By the way, this was not an easy decision nor was it easy to do. So much of the knowledge is supposed to be secret…and in fact I needed to obtain permission from the enlightened cosmic and wisdom beings before I could talk about, write about and share it with you.

Now…for those of you who couldn’t attend or are still unsure about what Spiritual Feng Shui is all about I’m including a quick video clip from the July event and it’s ready for you here:

Click here to watch a quick video clip of the Spiritual Feng Shui Event

Like I said, this is just a quick intro…but it will give you an idea of what I mean when I talk about Spiritual Feng Shui and why I believe it’s vitally important for you to add this dimension to your current feng shui practice.

Take a look, okay?

To your success!

P.S. This is just the introduction – the full series of videos covers the all day event in KL…where I introduced King Gesar of Ling and taught students how to channel the Spirit of Shambhala!

P.P.S. This included rituals to invoke wealth and abundance…something we all need. In fact, there are many ways that Spiritual Feng Shui can help you attain all the happiness, money, health and love that you desire. That’s why I believe so strongly in the Spiritual dimension and that all three dimensions of feng shui must be in sync.


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