Lillian, Why Isn’t My Feng Shui Working?

Why isn’t my feng shui

One of my readers recently wrote to me asking why her feng shui wasn’t working.

She’d been having lots of problems in her love life and her career was at a standstill. One of her friends recommended that she try feng shui and although she was skeptical and definitely not a feng shui believer, she decided to “give it a try” anyway. In fact, she wrote that she even felt a little guilty turning to feng shui because of her own strong religious preferences.

My advice to her (and to you) is that although you may spend time studying all the success methods of arranging your physical space according to feng shui principles, please don’t do it if you feel skeptical or doubtful. You see, while you don’t have to believe in feng shui for it to work, if you have any doubts you will unknowingly empower your space with negative energies, which will affect the efficacy of your feng shui efforts.

The mind truly is all-powerful and if you send out disbelief and skepticism, these act like invisible poison arrows that slice into the effectiveness of all that you may have done to alleviate the energies of the space. They send out killing chi that works strongly against any harmony that has been created. Remember…feng shui is all about the manipulation of energies within your living space and there is no greater source of negative or positive energy than you yourself!

Since we as human beings exude great amounts of chi that affect our environment, it’s advisable to work at breaking down your self-created barriers first. If you are not totally convinced about the effectiveness of feng shui but still think it has validity, then it’s better to stick to the simple energizing techniques first. Experience feng shui at work and feel the lightness of a space which has good feng shui before moving on to more advanced techniques.

Use your own intellect and think logically through the practice of feng shui. Be relaxed and don’t stress about it. And let’s be clear. Feng shui is not a religion. You don’t need to have “faith” in feng shui…but you should be convinced that it is something worth putting into practice if you are going to learn and apply it. It’s better to be somewhat indifferent about it rather than being tense and expecting immediate success.

No one can promise
you will win the lottery

No one can promise you will win the lottery or that your luck will change overnight when you employ feng shui techniques. It’s doesn’t make sense to blame any and all misfortune on bad feng shui…just as it’s ridiculous to give feng shui credit for every piece of good luck that comes your way. Remember…feng shui accounts for only one third of your luck.

Be more relaxed in your feng shui efforts but do make it part of your strategy for success. Build your space according to feng shui guidelines and then sit back with a positive attitude and expect the success luck that will come to you. Do what is necessary to update annually. Wait a while…and when you are satisfied that you do see tangible and discernible results you can move on to the more advanced methods that bring even greater success and happiness. This is the best way to break the negative energies that are inadvertently createdby the self.



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