8 Secrets To Enhance Your Entrepreneurial Get-Rich Potential

Today I’d like to share eight ways to sharpen your business instincts and enhance your chances of success when running your own enterprise.

  1. LTcommunicatewellBe a Good Communicator! Selling isn’t just done by sales clerks in shops…we sell our ideas, our products and ourselves every day…. so it’s important to communicate well. Learn how to be more persuasive and enticing as success in any business depends on how you market your products and services. You always need a well thought out strategy and good story line! And don’t forget your feng shui. As you’re chatting to a customer or potential client – be sure to face your sheng chi direction.
  2. Keep Things Simple – Stay Focused and Positive! Try to simplify your tasks and processes and make a resolution NOT to allow anyone to confuse you with complicated suggestions or dilute your determination with negativity. Staying positive makes your energy more powerful and when you keep your goals focused and clear cut the tasks at hand get simplified.
  3. ltbuildareliableteamBuild Your Team! Don’t try to do it all on your own – build a trustworthy team. Make this a top priority. Invest a good amount of time and effort creating a team that you can rely on. One thing I learned early on…in any business venture having responsible people around you is more important than having clever people around you. Not everyone needs to be clever…but everyone on your team needs to be reliable.
  4. Be Adventurous! Successful business people usually have a sense of adventure and are receptive to new ideas and new phenomena. Courage is important if you are to have the vision to see and try new things. All true entrepreneurs have this sense of adventure…to boldly experiment with the unfamiliar and occasionally go against the grain of conventional wisdom.
  5. Your Special Talent! Everyone has a special skill or talent…and the challenge is to discover and nurture it while still young so that later you can turn it into something of a life passion. If you’re good at it, it will inevitably be something that you love doing. So whatever your talent may be…identify it, study every aspect, nuance and angle of all the related industry areas that are connected with your skill…and then build a business around it! Do what you love.
  6. ltidentifyyourincomeThink Three Steps Ahead! In the day-to-day management of your business, always think three steps ahead. Make it a habit to anticipate customer demands, inventory levels; price increases, staffing issues and so forth. When you do this on a regular basis, it soon becomes a habit…which will guarantee your survival in the dog eat dog business world of today.
  7. Identify Your Income Sources! Most entrepreneurs are dreamers with many great ideas and business proposals but no source of income to fund or finance them! When I ask them …what’s the source of your immediate income…they look blankly at me. No matter how good an idea…your business must be able to generate its own source of income. When it cannot, then it’s not a business but simply a project.
  8. ltkeepbusfreshKeep Your Business Fresh and Up To Date! At the beginning of every year I review all the projects I have on hand and analyze each one carefully. It is the process of thinking that stimulates my creativity and keeps my business “fresh”. I look at the trends, study the Internet, and keep up to date on celebrity news and fashions, and stay a step ahead of the competition. It’s not easy, but it’s a necessity to continually repackage and reinvent our product lines and business ideas. Being an entrepreneur means being a leader…taking risks, staying ahead and becoming extraordinarily wealthy doing it!

To Your Success!

Visualize For Prosperity!

Your inner mind has great power to enhance your life, bringing an avalanche of success and a flow of abundance. When you keep images of victory and prosperity vividly in your mind, your outer reality merges magically with your inner power. Herein is the mystery of visualization… the supremacy of your mind and the vividness of your imagination combine to bring all your desires to fruition. To master the techniques of mental imaging, you need to tune inwards and mentally remove all the stains of outer negativities.

Now, to visualize for prosperity, imagine images that show you surrounded by personal abundance and picture yourself letting go of negativities. This is how luck works. It starts by making the mind positive and strong. Here are a few visualizations to enhance your well-being and ultimately your wealth and prosperity.

ltthinksunTHINK SUN!
You can cheer yourself up just by thinking of sunny days. If you are coming out of winter, the sun is especially embracing. And even if you live in countries as I do that get bright sunshine all year round, you will not tire of it. If you are feeling down, depressed or low for any reason at all, visualize the sun and its powerful yang energy filling your entire being with strength and happiness. Better still, step outside and let your body physically soak up the energy of the sun and feel instantly energized!

Tap into the unseen forces within you. Reach inside for the wisdom, strength and power of silence. Use your inner force. Think of it as a bright, white light inside you. Feel it move along the meridians in your body, lighting up your heart, your throat, your head and you will soon start to exude an effortless strength that speaks volumes. Tap the power inside yourself so that it may show up on the outside in what you say, what you do and how you do it.

It is the troubled spots in your mind that create obstacles to success, happiness and wellbeing. The Chinese are great believers in never allowing anything to obstruct the flow of chi – the life force – within the mind, body and space. Blocks can cause real problems so whenever you become aware of a hang up you have, get rid of it before it becomes a permanent issue.

Many people live their lives as if they were confined to a gilded cage and afraid to fly. They stick to the familiar and what is known and in doing so miss out on the more spectacular adventures that life has to offer. If this sounds like you, mentally picture yourself as a bird in a cage…then visualize the cage door opening and you flying up to the wondrous skies above. Free your mind of fear and there is nothing that you cannot achieve.

Remember that the mind is a powerful tool, probably more powerful than any physical attributes or inborn talents you may have. So utilize the power of your mind as fully as you can. Reality begins with but a single thought. The more you think of yourself as the best, the nearer to your dreams and fantasy you will find yourself…until it becomes reality for you.

With love,


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