Staying Safe During Hungry Ghost Month (August 7-Sept 4, 2013)

In Chinese tradition the seventh month in the Chinese calendar is called Hungry Ghost Month…the time when ghosts and spirits including those of deceased ancestors come from the lower realms to visit earth.

A dark house with no
sunlight is appealing
to the ghosts

Generally Speaking…

During this period parents usually ask their kids not to go out or swim late at night.  Contractors and builders don’t normally begin construction this month and if you’re doing renovation you’re advised to start before the 7th of August and finish after the 4th of September.

It’s not a good time to travel too much, to move house or to get married!
Refrain from starting a new business or buying a house during this period.

You’ll Need More Yang than Yin Energy…

Ghosts live in a yin environment, while human domains are generally more “yang” in nature.   When yin chi is dominant in your home or office the ghosts will feel more comfortable there.  So it makes sense to do everything possible to avoid yin spirit formation in your home and thus make it much less appealing for the ghosts to ensure that they don’t come for a visit.

Clutter causes stagnant energy
and yin formation

A house that is too yin is usually dark with little or no sunlight and fresh air.  Houses that are build near churches, hospitals and graveyards or covered by too many trees and branches (which block out sunlight) are also attractive to ghosts.  Make sure to keep your own house very clean, open the windows when possible to let in the fresh air and as much sunlight as possible.

Remember that clutter and dark corners cause stagnant energy and yin spirit formation.  Get rid of any collected rubbish and clutter.  Turn on the lights, play music and brighten dark areas or rooms that are not often used.  A bright and airy home with plenty of yang energy is best.

Wearing bright colours this month rather than dark colours will also promote more personal yang energy.

We All Need Protection!

Chun Kwei… the Ghost Catcher

Protective Guardians

Chung Kwei is the famous Chinese “ghost catcher” and we believe that his powerful image alone is enough to chase the wandering spirits away.  Invite him into your home and office to gain his powerful protection against harmful and disturbing ghostly influences.

A Pair of Fu Dogs or Fu Lions – Place a pair of these mythical guardian beasts flanking your entrance to guard your home and office.  The Chinese Fu Dogs are always depicted in male and female form to symbolize the protective energy of the matriarch and patriarch.

Protective Amulets

Mantra Protection – Be sure to wear amulets that have been empowered with powerful protective mantras on your body.  If you wear mantras given to you by high lamas or holy men, do make sure that the mantra touches your body as this is what ensures your body will not be harmed.

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The HUM Pendant – The seed syllable “HUM” is very powerful and represents the trinity of heaven, earth and mankind.  It is believed to encompass the foundations of all prayers and mantras.  Worn at your heart protects you from harm coming from the ten direction (the eight compass directions, from above and below.  If you feel you are in danger chant under your breath “hum, hum, hum, hum.”

Protects against untimely
death caused by bad spirits

The RED BHRUM Pendant can be worn daily as a protective amulet and this is especially important during hungry ghost month.  The syllable BHRUM protects one against untimely death and wards off bad luck caused by bad spirits or black magic.  The special BHRUM locket sold exclusively at WOFS.COM comes with the Heart Sutra (for removing obstacles in life), the Increasing Jewel Mantra (for increasing the power of your wishes for prosperity and happiness) and the Four Dharmakaya Relic Mantras for blessing your body and making it sacred.

Feng Shu Chart For 7th Month of Gui Ji Water Snake Year

Hungry Ghost month coincides exactly with the period of the 7th monthly feng shui chart, which brings the double 5 in the center spelling acute danger, financially, physically and emotionally. Please be sure to use STRONG feng shui and spiritual cures to protect yourself and your family this month.

DOUBLE YOUR FENG SHUI PROTECTION: Do this by carrying mirror amulets -since the center of the chart hosts the double five yellow you are going to need special protection. Mirror amulets are a powerful personal defense and will protect you against spirit harm this month. I’ve designed a series of Amulet mirrors that have powerful cosmic images inscribed on them…and mirrors are simply so magical! They have the ability to absorb and deflect negatives at the same time. Negative energies become harmless and having a mirror in your pocket or handbag brings you a positive aura of protection.

THE FIVE YELLOW: The Kalachakra Stupa is the strongest cure for overcoming the afflictions of the Five Yellow and you can also place an additional 7 Level Pagoda in the center of the home. Stay home at night during the “tripling days” when the center has three five yellows and all other stars are tripled and carry the Kalachakra Mirror with you at all times. Make note of these tripling days: August 6, August 15 and August 24, 2013.

THE ILLNESS STAR IN THE SOUTHWEST: Elderly mums and ladies are very vulnerable during this time – and the 24 Mountain Chart also has a YIN HOUSE in the Southwest possibly signifying a death in the family. Please place the White Umbrella Goddess Plaque or White Umbrella Goddess Crystal Ball in the Southwest and leave it there until the end of the year. All women should carry the Double Pyramid Red Goddess Mirror to repel hostile vibes of any kind and strengthen matriarchal energies.

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THE # 3 STAR IN THE EAST: Keep the lights on in the East and carry the Fire Portection Wheel of Avalokiteshvara mirror to burn away negative afflictions from this star. This is one of the most powerful mirrors of protection against worldly and spiritual enemies.

THE #7 STAR OF VIOLENCE IN THE WEST: With the double 7 in full force the West is not a place to be – burglary, robbery and violence are the result of this blood red star and the tripling days are deadly. Wear the colour blue and make sure you have the Blue Rhino and Elephant in the West. Place an extra large bowl of water in the west this month. Carry the Blue Eight Petal Lotus Mirror this month – this is the Wisdom Buddha Manjushri’s secret protection mirror warding off 8 kinds of misfortune and attracting 8 types of blessings!

Don’t tempt fate this month because the probability of accidents and mishaps increases exponentially this month. Be mindful, use the suggested protections and make incense offerings and the month should go smoothly for you!


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