Improve Store Layouts For Good Feng Shui!

Everyone in business wants to be successful and in today’s competitive market environment it’s more important than ever to stay ahead of the game. Here are three feng shui tips that will bring your store or shop excellent feng shui!

Create a Bright Hall
at your entrance

Tip # 1: Be sure that your shop door opens into a small empty and uncluttered space or “bright hall” where there are no screens or furniture to block the chi entering your premises. The chi will collect here before moving throughout the store (see Tip # 3) and customers feel more comfortable when they are not immediately confronted with items for sale.

Tip # 2: Select shapes for your display tables and cabinets according to the corners where they are placed and don’t have any sharp edges (poison arrows) pointed toward the entrance of your store. This means you will need to know the shapes that match the elements of the various corners of your shop and you will need to know the compass directions of your shop. Also don’t have sharp edges of display tables pointed toward
your cash register.

Select display table shapes
according to element directions

Here are the shapes according to the element directions:

FIRE – SOUTH -triangle and rectangle

WATER – NORTH – circular shape

EARTH – NE, CENTER, SW – Square and triangle

WOOD – EAST and SE – Rectangle

METAL – West and NW – Circle and Square

Tip # 3: Once you have customers in your shop you must design the traffic flow within your shop so that it meanders rather than moving in straight lines. Please take time with this as shop owners often overlook this point and meandering traffic is simply excellent for business.

Be sure to use a pleasing colour combination in your store and incorporate the tips above for excellent results!

Until next week,


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