Tuning Into Birds – Decoding Their Message and Signs

In feng shui birds are considered powerful symbols of new opportunity and regarded as lucky signs of good fortune. The Phoenix, the celestial queen of all feathered creatures, is particularly auspicious and having this image in your home is said to attract prosperity and abundance.

Have you spotted a flock of birds lately or has an unusually beautiful bird caught your attention? Birds of all color, size and number represent something in feng shui. Generally speaking they are the best indicators of sudden wealth and hanging pictures or paintings of birds suggest great good fortune coming to you.

Here are a few facts to help you decode the signs from birds that you may see:

    1. Their Actions – If you see several birds flying toward you then this is the best signal. Birds flying away suggest a missed opportunity. If the bird is Ltbirdscrossingflying upwards it’s a good sign and birds singing in the morning suggest good news is coming. If birds choose your garden to build their nest you can expect increased income.
    1. How Many Birds? A pair of birds is a sign that love is in the air and coming your way. A family of birds like ducklings for example suggests the possibility of a new addition to the family or a family reunion bringing happiness. A single blackbird indicates an important message is coming
    1. If you see an injured bird be wary… this is a warning and you must be careful throughout the day. Healthy lively birds suggest a happy occasion. If there are several birds chirping and singing away a busier social life is suggested.
  1. Colors of Birds – A white bird means healing…so if someone is very ill it is a sign of recovery. If you spot a bird with red markings, it means an honor of some kind is coming to you. A yellow bird means sudden wealth or a happiness occasion and a blue bird suggests promotion at work is coming.
    1. What kinds of birds do you see? – Eagles and hawks (birds of prey) mean wealth and good fortune. ltowlSmall birds like sparrows or finches are messengers who bring good news. Lovebirds suggest romance and a crow means some divine message or maybe you will have a prophetic dream. Owls indicate an important teacher or mentor is coming into your life.
    1. For Business Protection – In business and your office, place birds in the south to offer protection and ward off bad business luck. Roosters are excellent at pecking away and stopping office gossip and politicks-place in the west.
    1. Travel Protection – If you are traveling, having bird feathers in your car will protect you from accidents – even a toy bird with real bird feathers will work!
    1. If you see a flock of birds like flying geese this is a most auspicious sign indicating wonderful career advancement for you. If you can find a painting with thousands of birds be sure to hang it in your home to attract prosperity. A painting or picture of cranes (symbol of longevity) are also said to bring sudden money if painted as a flock flying in the skies.


Lucky and Unlucky Dreams

In the TUNG SING 2013 be sure to take a look at the section entitled “Lucky and Unlucky Dreams”…Zhou Gong’s Book of Dreams!

“The book of auspicious and inauspicious dreams by Zhou Gong (aka Duke of Zhou) gives authentic dream interpretations that have been in use in China for well over 3000 years. The ancient ideas and metaphorical understanding of the book continue to be relevant in a modern context, probably because the Duke of Zhou was not an ordinary man.

According to the legend, he initiated the feudalistic system, established traditional rites, created classical Chinese music and completed the original I Ching. But he was most famous for creating the first Chinese dream dictionary and over the centuries he became known as the God of Dreams.” Here are a few of the dream interpretations you will find in the Tung Sing 2013:

Ancestors: Meeting a dead ancestor indicates your family is blessed and protected When your ancestor speaks to you, it means your financial security is assured.

Bears: Encountering one bear or a group of bears suggest you will bear a high-achiever child. Bears are good luck.

Clothing: If you dream you are wearing brilliant clothes, your future looks brilliant. If you are washing or drying garments, it means you have made a good life-changing decision. If your garment is torn, your wife is unhappy and she is looking for someone else. If you wear white garments, it means there could be a conspiracy against you.

Chicken: A hen hatching eggs means your dreams will materialize and bring you much satisfaction. If you see a chicken near a tree, you enjoy unexpected money luck.

Coffin: Always means good luck! A dead person in a coffin is a sign of big money luck and very auspicious!

Death: Always means something good! If you die or witness someone’s death a new era of great fortune and success is born. If you dream someone kills you, your goal will be achieved. If you dream that you kill someone, you will overcome your rivals.

Dog: If you dream a dog bites you, it means you will suffer misfortune. A dog barks at its master – you will suffer a big money loss.

Fish: Always means abundance. Fishing means you will get a prize, and eating fish means new wealth is coming.

Horse: Dreaming of a horse is usually a good sign of avoiding troubles. If you dream you are riding on a galloping horse, you will make an easy and rapid progress and overcome obstacles. If you are riding on an ambling horse there is no need to worry and everything goes smoothly.

Money: It is usually not good to dream of money. If in your dream you see money being distributed among family members you and your partner may split!

Water: A dream about water usually means financial success. If in your dream you see water spilling over, you will achieve financial success beyond your dreams. If you drink water in your dream, then money owed to you is returned. If you walk on water in your dream you will have incredible success!

If you don’t see your dream listed above, be sure to get a copy of the TUNG SING as these are only a few interpretations of many dreams explained in this almanac.

Happy Dreams!


ltbirdbathsPeople don’t often consider birdbaths as water features, but in actuality they are excellent water features and are suitable in the north, east and southeast of your garden. Make sure the water is kept clean at all times and if necessary replace the water every day. The more birds you have visiting your garden and birdbath, the better the energy created by this water feature.

Birds In Captivity

Bird sculptures or pictures can bring luck in the form of opportunity when placed in ltbirdcagethe south part of your garden or on the south side of your living room. However, keeping a living bird in captivity is considered bad feng shui! No one likes the feeling of being “caged in”. Imagine if you were a bird living in such a tiny space instead of being able to fly freely. In feng shui captivity is symbolic of retarded growth and could curtail you chances for career advancement among other things.



  1. Hello, my family and I just move to a new condos we rented. During my first day move in while cleaning I find a small dead bird at my back door.. Would that be consider as a bad feng shui?

    • Hi Ravan, Well it is not the best feng shui however I hope you already buried the small bird in a nice place in your garden. I recommend that you cleanse the area with incense and also do this inside your new condo. Walk around all the rooms three times in clockwise direction with incense (especially against the walls and into the corners) and say Namah sarva Tathagata Avalokite Om Sambhara Sambhara Hung. This will appease any lingering spirits and clear the energy – and say this when you burn incense outside as well to the local spirits, asking for their protection of your home and family.

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