How To Energize For Success

Each corner of the Lo Shu grid relates specifically to a particular aspiration… from wealth to family luck to relationship luckand also to one of the five elements. The formula is quite simple since it requires no quantitative calculations on your partand is based entirely on the assigned attribute of each sector and the area you wish to work on or improve in your life. By matching the appropriate elements with the aspiration of your choice you can immediately activate the sector and begin to enhance your potential.

The first thing to do is learn which aspirations are associated with each corner of the Lo Shu square, including the central square which relates directly to the center of the home or family luck.  Here’s the Lo Shu square showing each of the aspirations for your reference:


Matching the Elements to Energize
The easiest way to energize each particular sector is to match the element of that corner/direction with appropriate objects, shapes or colours and place them in that sector.

For the Southeast & East Use Plants
The southeast brings wealth and the east good family relationships and health.  Choose healthy plants with broad succulent leaves representing the wood element.  Blue carpets, wallpaper or pillows are also acceptable as they represent water, which symbolically “produces wood”. This year however the east is afflicted with the 3 Killings and hostile 3 star and the Tai Sui resides in the SE. Remove plants and keep the East quiet.

For the Southwest, Northeast and Center Use Crystals
The southwest brings love and romance, the northeast good education luck and the center represents family luck.  These three sectors are symbolic of the earth element…so place natural crystals in this area. Glass, pebbles, ceramics, granite…things like this.  Since fire produces earth in the 5 element cycle any item with red, or yellows and oranges are excellent for earth sectors. This year the SW and Center are highly afflicted with the #2 Illness star in the SW and the 5 Yellow in the center of the chart and home. Therefore in 2013 do not enhance with crystals or fire element. The Northeast however welcomes the “8” star so it is fine to energize with crystals and earth element.

For the North Use Water 
Water features in the north bring career luck…but don’t overdo it.  Too much water is dangerous but in small doses brings enormous good fortune since water is also symbolic of money.  Remember water should flow inward (never away from the home) and water features are not suitable in your bedroom even if it is in the north.  Instead energize the north sector of another room that you frequently use.  Black or blue and white is an excellent colour combination to use in this area since white represents the metal element which supports water (blue or black).

For the South Use Lighting
The fire element in the south brings recognition luck, respect and fame so bright lights and crystals here will energize this corner.  A good colour combination is green and red – these work well from a feng shui perspective but if you feel these are too “Christmassy” then just tone down the shades – the colours don’t have to be bright to energize the element! Keep your south “glowing” in 2013 to activate the magnifying “9” star.

For the West and Northwest Use Metal 
The west represents children’s luck and the northwest brings luck to the patriarch of the family as well as mentor luck. Windchimes are excellent here as they serve two purposes – they press down bad luck but also energize good luck!  They move in the wind and their sounds create additional Yang energy.  Shades of metallic colours, whites and golds are great here especially when combined with earth colours. In 2013 the WEST sector is afflicted with the violent 7 star so do not energize with windchimes and metal enhancers. Water feature can be used here to press down metal energy. The NW however is fine to use windchime this year.

A word of caution: You can energize all sectors but a word of caution…don’t over-energize any one sector by having too much of the particular element needed as this creates imbalance and can be dangerous.

Good luck and remember to take accurate compass directions so your success activation is correct.

Controlling Anger With Water Offerings & Crystal

Anger is like a poison… it has the power to destroy life-long friendships, relationships and families. It acts quickly in some cases and more slowly in others but the end result is always the same: we feel unhappy, guilty, frustrated and resentful and such feelings are often self-perpetuating. Some people are even born with a great deal of repressed anger and have no idea what to do or how to handle it. It is very important to make an honest effort to control and overcome our anger.

One powerful antidote to anger is the purification practice of making a water bowl offering to Buddha or another holy object. Here is what you can do:

    1. You will need 7 medium sized bowls – they can be made of crystal or porcelain and also metal is fine.
    2. Every morning wipe the bowls clean and if possible cleanse them with incense smoke.
    3. Fill the bowls with saffron yellow water (add a tiny pinch of saffron to the water) Fill them to the brim without spilling and as you fill them say: “OM AH HUM”
    4. Arrange the seven bowls next to each other in a straight row carefully on your altar in front of Buddha without spilling any water. They should not touch each other but be very close – about one rice grain apart.
    5. Later in the evening pour the water from the bowls into another container and make some tea from this offering water.
    6. Wipe the bowls clean and return then to the altar so it is not empty.
    7. Repeat this ritual every morning.

The above is a powerful practice to purify negative karma and overcome anger especially if you do this everyday.


Another excellent way you can dissolve tension and anger is to place six round crystal balls on the coffee table in your living room or in your family room. This is especially effective in the center, southwest and northwest corners. The smoothness of these six crystals (you can use glass and various colors as well) infers smoothness in your relationships. The number six signifies heaven and the crystals represent a union of heaven and earth…the trigrams Chien with Kun.



The most important thing we can do today is to take care of our anger. Try both of the above suggestions – use crystals to dissolve tension and make a water bowl offering every day. Begin right now to take very good care of your anger.

Love Lillian


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