Simple Feng Shui Advice For Your Dining Area

Your dining room or dining area is one of the most important rooms in the house…representing the harmony and quality of relationships within the family. And your dining table when filled with abundance means the family will eat well, live well and never be lacking for anything! Success and good name comes easily to all family members. Here are some things to keep in mind about your dining room furniture arrangements.

Your dining room should always be well-lit especially if you go for the more modern and chic look of black, white and grey colors. Your dining area can get too “yin” in nature without some brightness and yang energy…so be sure the lighting is right. You can always add a splash of colour with a bowl of fruit, bright flowers or nice artwork. If you are lucky enough to have windows be sure to keep the drapes open and let the sunlight in.

Invite a friend for coffee or dinner

Spacious Dining
Some dining areas are very small causing you to feel “cooped up” especially if there are no windows. Eating should always take place in an area where your can feel live bustling energy around you…so perhaps you could dine in your living room if it connects to the dining area. If you live alone, be sure to keep music or the TV playing so you don’t eat in silence. Invite family or friends over to share a meal with you to promote the energy of family togetherness and friendship.

Shapes of Your Dining Table
Long rectangular dining tables are favoured because they represent growth energy…and so the family dining on this type of table is sure to experience personal growth and career advancement. Oval shaped and round dining tables give flexibility for family members to face their best personal lucky directions, and they often save on space. Your dining table should always be spacious enough to allow elbowroom for all who are seated and suggest an appearance of abundance.

Rectangular Tables for
growth energy. Best Chairs
have armrest and back support.

Always A Wall Mirror
It goes without saying that all dining areas benefit from a large wall mirror. It’s a very effective way to double the food on the table and since food on the table signifies your wealth and authority this is most important.

Chairs Chairs Chairs
There are so many choices today for dining chairs…many are beautiful and very expensive but they do not give good feng shui. Your chairs should have good solid armrests – this symbolizes that as you sit down to eat you are secure in your seat and not “falling off”. You should feel relaxed as you sit down to eat but the chair should not be too soft…a little more firm than a cushy soft feel. Of course your chairs should always have solid back support so avoid chairs with open back design.

Happy Dining!

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