6 Quick Tips on Activating with Light Energy

Let there be light… and lots of it because there is no better way to activate a sector of your home or office and imbue it with precious Yang Chi than by using fire energy.  Of course you’ll need to know how to identify the areas that should be enhanced in this manner and what kind of light is best suited to your purpose.

Here are 6 quick tips on how to properly activate with light energy.

1.  Identifying the correct sector:  Much of feng shui is based on the Pa Kua and the eight directions within it – North, South, East, West and NE, SE, SW and NW with each sector representing a different life aspiration.  Another way is by looking at the various sectors of the lo shu square.  By activating a particular sector with bright lights you are activating the luck of that sector.

Just to review – the North represents career luck, South brings fame and recognition, East for growth and good health, Southeast represents wealth and riches, Southwest is for love/relationship, West brings descendants luck, Northeast is for education and the Northwest is for friends and mentor luck.

Choose colour associated with the proper element

2. What colour should your lights be?  Of course colourless and white will always work because white embodies the entire colour spectrum, but if you want to be a bit more creative then pick a colour that is complimentary with the particular energy or element of the sector.  Fire is red and associated with the south, Earth is yellow and associated with the SW, NE and center, Metal is white and associated with the West and NW, water is blue and associated with the North and wood is green associated with the East and SE.  So when deciding what colour to use be sure you choose a colour that is asociated with the element of that sector or if in doubt, use white or colourless lights.

Direct light is best for desk/work area

3. Creating Different Effects with Lighting:  Hard lighting such as fluorescent lighting or direct lighting is better suited for offices or work areas in the home.  Hallways, porches and landings should also be brightly lit.  However, in the bedroom or areas where you like to relax, be sure to use indirect or yellow lighting which will make it easier to relax.

These two types of lighting create very different feels to a room or space… so to activate a particular corner use soft lighting – a lamp with a nice lampshade or a lava lamp will do – use the brighter lights in more public areas and to widen a narrow corridor.

4. Adding Energy to Your Symbolic Cures & Enhancers:  By now you are familiar with many of the objects and symbols used in feng shui to enhane a particular sector… like birds, 3-legged toads, chi lin, pi yao, crystals etc.  Now, if you shine light on a particular symbol it will fill the object with additional energy creating auspicious luck for you so the use of spotlights for example can be powerful.

5. Don’t Add Light Here:  Best not to light up toilets, bathrooms, kitchens and storerooms and when not in use the doors into these areas should be kept closed.  Of course this doesn’t mean no light at all… it just means they should not be enhanced or highlighted… there are more important sectors for this.

6. The Annual Flying Star Afflictions must always be taken into account. You do not want to enhance unlucky and harmful energy. This year the FIVE YELLOW has flown to the middle of the chart, which is an earth sector. Since FIRE or light supports earth, do not place bright lights in the middle of your home or rooms. Keep this area quiet and avoid lights in this sector. The same applies to the SOUTHWEST, which is also an earth sector as the illness star is here in 2013 and we do not want to activate this star.

All the best,


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