Is Your Furniture Making You Sick?

Could your furniture be causing you to fall ill? You see, there are hidden toxins in old furniture that could be causing lung and chest problems, vomiting, diarrhea, high blood pressure and lots of other illnesses. Think about formaldehyde glues used in furniture made of layers of wood…or leaked mercury in old clocks.

And there are even more serious negative feng shui implications if your old furniture is just left standing in a fixed position and never moved…so that dirt gathers and energy becomes stagnant. It doesn’t take too long for the chi to get very stale and begin emit a great deal of sick energy.

This is an area that is often overlooked. Rooms that have bookcases or bookshelves lining the wall are potential danger areas. Perhaps you haven’t cleaned the shelves for years…and your old books have gathered dust and sickness afflictions! Often there is mustiness in the room that transcends the atmosphere and you are not even aware of it. Residents that come into this area regularly are sure to get affected.

Give your home library (or office library) a good clean ensuring that there is no dampness or dirt build up. Move the bookcases out of their corners at the end of each year and clean behind them thoroughly. Give the shelves a “salt wipe” by using rock salt or seal salt lightly pressed onto a damp cloth. This will dissolve whatever negative illness luck has accumulated.

These are important pieces of furniture in your home and should be given special attention and a regular salt wipe. This type of maintenance will bring good health and wealth luck to the family…because if yin spirit formation is allowed to occur in the dining area the consequences can be quite serious.



Keep Sofas clean and up to date.

We often take these comfortable seating areas for granted…and lying within the crevices of your sofa could be years of trapped yin chi that emits a variety of illness symptoms. If you sofa cushions are frayed or dirty they should be reconditioned or changed altogether. At least once a year (if twice a year is not possible) they should be moved from their corners and repositioned allowing the energy to move, circulate and get renewed. This is especially important to do inside bedrooms as it ensures that the energy is kept fresh and invigorated while residents are sleeping. Sofa sets in your living room or family room are not quite as vulnerable to yin spirit formation especially if you leave your windows open allowing fresh energy into the room on a regular basis. If this isn’t the case and the sofa is in a closed area then the danger of negative energy build up is far greater.

These can be stunning in a home and add special design elements and character but they should never be introduced into your home without proper pre-cleansing and energy purification. Antiques usually carry the energy of previous owners so it is important to use salt, pine leaves and incense to clear the old energy. Here’s a simple method. First use salt to clean the surfaces and then use sandalwood incense to appease whatever spirits may be residing within the furniture. Please don’t question these rituals…just do it!


Pay attention to drapes and curtains.

Pay attention to drapes and curtains.

Pay attention to these as yin energy is always attracted to heavy drapes especially when they are long and cover a big window that never gets opened. Real germs can build up over time along with negative spirits so drapes should be opened and closed and cleaned regularly. This ensures that the energy in and around the drapes does not stagnate.

These hidden dangers in the home can be overcome…so please take the time to clean and cleanse your furniture and bookshelves today!

The Secrets of the Tai Chi Symbolyinyanginteraction

Chi energies do not just affect the practice of feng shui. All Chinese esoteric sciences explain phenomenon in terms of it. Chi energy flows in the living environment and inside the human body, thereby having a direct bearing on the wellbeing of mankind.

Chi energy manifests in the way we express ourselves and through the way we dress, the way we eat, the way we write and the way we communicate our creativity. Chi thus exerts tremendous significance on the way we live, the way we breathe, exercise and maintain our good health.

Exponents of Chinese martial arts and Chi Kung will also tell you that the secret of excellence in these practices is the ability to harness and control the Chi within the human body to effectively encompass them in postures and movements. Chi is thus likened to the living essence of mankind and his environment.

In feng shui, the harmony of Chi energy is paramount to establishing balance in any given space. It is the quality of this balance that brings good fortune. When the Chi of the living space becomes unbalanced, troubles occur and problems start to appear.

Likewise, when Chi within the body is unbalanced, illness develops. Since the balance of Chi in living and work spaces is affected by the way buildings are designed and constructed – the placement of walls, the layout of rooms and the dimensions of spaces created – knowing how to ensure a good balance of Chi is a very big part of creating good feng shui.

Chi Is Affected By The Passage Of Time

The balance of Chi is also affected by the passage of time. The underlying essence of feng shui is that it is never static. Instead, it is dynamic and Chi energy, as well as flow of Chi, is always undergoing change and transformation. So there is a time dimension to the balance of Chi energy and by extension to the quality of feng shui in any space.

When applying the different formulas of feng shui – whether these refer to the space or the time dimension – we should always think of space in terms of the tai chi symbol i.e. the yin and yang forces that make up the space


The Tai Chi Symbol Expresses Yin & Yang

Chi energy is expressed in the tai chi symbol, shown as a circle with a black and a white embryonic symbol. The white part of the symbol signifies yang Chi while the black part signifies the yin Chi. Note there is a little of yin in yang and vice versa.

Yin is stillness while yang is movement. As soon as there is movement, the two forces of Chi interact and according to the ancients, as soon as yin and yang interact, the limits of the Universe manifest. These are expressed as six energies, which in turn find expression as the five elements. The six energies and the five elements in turn also interact with each other to create what the texts refer to as the ten thousand things. It is from the study of the way the different energies of Chi interacts that feng shui formulas are interpreted and applied to living space.

Based on these principles, the ancient masters developed ways to harness the energy flow of any space, at the same time also adjusting to changes occurring over time. So these principles underlie the practice of feng shui.

Salt Lamp Dilemma

Salt lamps steal energy at night

Salt lamps steal energy
at night

If you are feeling tired and lack energy it is probably due to a salt lamp in your room. While salt itself is a powerful cleansing agent and one that I recommend and use in space clearing rituals, salt lamps are extremely harmful and do not even have the power to cleanse!

One student recently wrote to me about a Himalayan salt lamp that she had purchased and thought was so nice…she put it in her southwest corner. Feeling tired and out of sorts and lacking energy, she began to suspect it might be the salt lamp.

I recommended that she get rid of it immediately (which she did) and within a few days things began to improve. Salt lamps will soak all your chi energy from you leaving you tired and listless. They absorb all the good energy from the room…so please don’t use them!

To your health!  To your success!



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