The Green Tara Prayer Wheel

Green Tara Prayer WheelThis Green Tara Prayer Wheel contains 1.48 million mantras of the Goddess Green Tara “OM TARE TUTTARE TURE SOHA” in tiny microfilm. When you spin this prayer wheel just once (clockwise) it will generate the same amount of blessings as chanting Tara’s mantra 1.48 million times! And wherever this Prayer Wheel resides, it becomes the home of many Tara Goddesses. This is an incredibly precious, powerful object, and it can be used to solve many of your problems.

Mother Green Tara is beloved as the “Swift Liberator” and revered for her ability to grant wishes quickly. She removes all forms of danger and protects against reversal of fortune. Whatever problem you need to solve in your life, Green Tara can help – if you need a job, financial assistance, a promotion, a scholarship, or you wish to conceive a child, you can harness the blessings of Mother Tara very quickly by using this Prayer Wheel. The Prayer Wheel is also truly wonderful for removing anger and conflict with others.

Here’s How You Can Benefit From The Green Tara Prayer Wheel

Generate your wish (or problem that you need to solve) and then imagine the image of Mother Tara above the prayer wheel. Twirl the green knob above the prayer wheel clock-wise and visualize green light emanating from the prayer wheel, and entering you, transforming you and everyone around you into a body of green light. This pure green light is Mother Tara’s infinite blessings that removes problems and brings solutions quickly.

If it is wealth that you seek, then imagine millions of dollars emanating from the prayer wheel as you twirl it; if it is a baby girl you wish for, imagine the light bringing you a beautiful baby girl. You can also do this for someone else who is in need of help in any area of his or her life. Whatever you wish for, the key is to generate the same wish for all your friends, neighbours, relatives and co-workers, or to anyone who has the same dilemma as you. Imagine that Tara is solving this problem for everyone. This multiplies the blessings even further.

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