Monthly Flying Star Update

Fourth Month of the Gui Ji Water Snake Year
May 6, 2013 – June 5, 2013

Here’s your monthly flying star chart and I urge you to review this and pay attention to these recommendations. This covers the period May 6 until June 5, 2013.

In each of the nine grids you’ll see two numbers. The larger number is the annual star, which you probably are already familiar with and the smaller number in the lower right corner is the monthly star.

The first thing to do is determine where the most important rooms in your house are located. By important I mean rooms that you use frequently…like your bedroom, the kids’ rooms, dining room etc. You may already know this, but if not use a reliable compass and stand in the center of your home to take your directions. Once you know where each sector is, you can refer to the flying star chart below and take the appropriate actions. So for example you may have determined that you living room is in the southeast sector of your home and the monthly forecast shows you’ll need to be extra careful this month because there is a high risk of burglary.

Now, if your front door (the one that everyone uses), is located in the SOUTH sector, then everyone in the home will be affected by the type of luck in that grid. This month, the inauspicious 3 star causing serious disagreements and tension visits the south. Please keep this area quiet and remove plants this month as well as wind chimes and bells. You can place the flaming sword or Ksitigarbah staff here.


More Unlucky Areas?

The SOUTHWEST is extremely hard hit this month because the misfortune star has joined the annual illness star and this indicates serious illness and disaster. To protect yourself if you reside in this sector, display a wu lou wind chime or Acala ball and disk. No open fires or bright lights here and if possible wear a hum pendant to protect yourself.

The SOUTHEAST is also afflicted as the violent star flies in bringing the threat of armed robbery and violence. Every home and office should display the elephant and rhino in this sector or near the door if your main door is in the SE. If you like to frequent nightspots then be sure to carry a Night Safety Amulet with you.

Good News!

If you’re in the EAST this month then there will be lots of unexpected money and excellent prosperity luck from the heavens. You can enhance this by placing a WEALTH SHIP or Wealth Dzambhala. That being said, if you’re an eldest son then you should avoid this sector, as neck injuries and liver problems are possible. Place GLITTER LAMPS here this month.

The NORTH this month is excellent for kids in school or college – they will excel in studies and writers and artists benefit too. Students should place a Crystal Point with Wisdom Mantra on their study table and for more romance luck display a pair of Mandarin Ducks in the North.

As you can see, it’s important to fine-tune your feng shui every month and take care of the monthly flying stars. You’ll find these monthly charts in Feng Shui World Magazine, so if you’re not already a subscriber I suggest you sign on! It’s quick and easy and always available when you choose the online version…but printed copies are of course available as well.

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Good luck!


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