The Chi Around Your Home

Chi, or energy is always swirling around the environment…it is the magic life force that pervades every nook and cranny of the universe, including of course your home and surroundings. Here are some things to consider about the nature of chi.

Chi moves slowly, it never moves too fast. Beneficial chi meanders and never moves in a straight line. It will settle and accumulate in an area where there is a good balance of yin and yang energy and also requires the air to be fresh and clean. When the chi is beneficial, it brings strength and good fortune…it is vibrant and full of energy…in the air, under the ground in water and within your human body as well.

When the atmosphere gets too damp, too wet, too dry or too hot the chi becomes stale and when your home gets dirty the chi turns insipid.

LTwaterfaucetWatch for Blockages
In feng shui the chi that flows around your home should never be blocked. That’s why when plumbing does not work it should be fixed immediately. When your drains get blocked it is believed that the luck of the family will deteriorate.

Flow is Important
The room layout and design flow of your home…the doors and the windows, which lead the flow of chi from room to room, should always LTlivingrmflowcause the flow to meander – and chi should never be allowed to flow in a straight line. When chi gathers speed it turns malicious. For this reason, it’s considered a major feng shui taboo when two or three doors are in a straight line…especially three doors with one opening onto another. This represents bad luck – even more so when one of the doors is the main front door and one is the back door.

Another variation is having a mirror that directly reflects the main door. Any chi entering the house will be forced to fly straight out again.

Water Features Are Auspicious
Chi will stop and settle when it encounters water. For this reason water features are said to be auspicious. In feng shui water also represents money so the presence of water in the vicinity of a home tends to bring good luck through the front door. Water however must be oriented correctly in order to tap its benefits.

The Outside Counts Too
Physical features of the environment surrounding your home will affect the intrinsic nature of chi. When the encircling hills and mountains encourage the chi to settle the effect is good. When they encourage it to dissipate then the effect is of course bad. Remember that buildings, roads and other man-made structures are all part of the environment and affect the flow of chi. If chi encounters a sharp or angular structure it can take on a hostile nature and transform into “shar chi” or harmful energy. Beneficial chi for future reference is called “sheng chi”.

Always consider the flow of chi and respect this magical life force.


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