Monthly Updates for Flying Stars

Lillian TooI awoke early on Tuesday morning (Malaysia time) to the horrific news of the Boston bombings…the senseless killing of three innocent people…and hundreds badly injured, with bodies mutilated…many losing multiple limbs.

Honestly, I was shocked…and wondered who would do something so dastardly and cruel? But the American people are strong…in the TV coverage I could see many helping others…running towards those who had been hurt and not running away! Obama said today that “Any time bombs are used to target innocent civilians, it is act of terror” and he is right. My prayers are with Boston and the people of Boston today.

In this week’s issue I’ve included the Monthly Updates for Flying Stars. Please don’t neglect your monthly updates as forces can become quite powerful due to the movement of the stars. You may suddenly fall ill and wonder what’s happening (especially if you already took care of the annual stars)…like my friend whose daughter became quite ill earlier this month with congestion and lung problems.

Her daughter’s bedroom is in the west sector and her head was facing west as she slept in bed. Upon examination the chest infection was easily explained as the illness star joined the annual # 7 star in the west this month. At my suggestion, she moved her out of the room and her health improved almost immediately.

And to add to all of this, her husband had a sort of freak accident while in the west sector of their dining room when he was repositioning a large glass candlestick on top of a sideboard. It toppled over and hit him square on his temple…just a fraction of an inch from his eye. It was a deep and nasty cut…so believe me she is determined to always check the monthly updates and take my advice in order to avoid things like this in the future.

You can get the monthly updates online but it’s much nicer and more convenient to read them in the Feng Shui World Magazine because you can see two months at one time, which is always beneficial.

By the way, here’s what was written for the WEST sector for APRIL 2013 (where my friend had all the trouble):

“The monthly illness star joins the annual #7 to bring danger of lung and eye ailments. Wear sunshades to protect your eyes if you reside here. Those with chest or lung problems should move out of West rooms for the month. Display aLongevity Vase by your bed and carry a Jade Wu Lou while you are on the move. Display a Blue Rhinoceros and Elephant to protect against robbery. Young females can expect to deal with unkind gossip in the workplace so watch your conduct carefully. Avoid fraternizing or keeping late nights at the office”

If that story doesn’t convince you about the power of the monthly updates, I don’t know what will…but I thought I better share it with you anyway!

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