It’s Springtime!

Lillian 2 Image with yellow:black scarfIt definitely feels like springtime…although I understand from many of you living in the Eastern USA that the weather has not warmed up as much as you all would like…and there are even blizzards this week in Colorado. Right now here in Malaysia I am redoing my garden and enlarging my kitchen. My house faces SW so mine is considered a NE sitting house. So with 8 in the NE this is a great year to renovate my home – knock knock bang bang ha ha ! And the garden is very dug up at the moment so am doing incense offering daily to appease the earth Goddesses and the spirits of the trees as well as the cosmic landlords…

The dates of my 3D events are up on the WOFS website…in Singapore on Sunday the 21st of July and in KL the following Sunday, July 28th. I hope you can come and attend because I will be teaching some truly super cool stuff. I’ve entitled the event “Channeling the Spirit of Shambala” – it’s completely NEW and original where I pull several things together…so excellent to get ready to benefit from the cosmic energies of the coming year … this year we subdue the nagas, next year we fly with the Windhorse !!! Hence am renovating my house…will be so auspicious!

And speaking of garden renovation…be sure to check out the article this week about transforming your garden into a feng shui paradise. I’ve reprinted this article from our latest Feng Shui World magazine (March/April edition) – if you are not a subscriber you’re really missing out on some excellent feng shui advice…and the magazine is now available online as well!

Click here to subscribe to Feng Shui World Magazine

Until next week


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