Make Your Business a Money Magnet

The feng shui of your retail shop or business is always important and even more now than ever before! In some areas of the world where things are booming, we want ensure that success continues and our sales and profits continue to rise; in other areas you may just starting to pull out of some tough economic times and you need all the feng shui advice and help you can get!

    • Watch for the poison arrows – just as it’s not good for your home to be at the end of a straight road that acts as a poison arrow, it is also unwise to locate your shop or office at the end of a long straight corridor in an office building or shopping
      Watch for poison arrows

      Watch for poison arrows

      mall. If this is the case your office or shop could become a magnet for problems, not money and success. Be sure to put the proper element cures in place if your shop or office faces this problem.

    • Is your shop or office deep or shallow? In feng shui we believe that shops or offices that are “deep” are destined to stay in business for a long time while ones that are “shallow” and don’t go back too far will have a shorter life span. Shoppers like to go “deep” into your shop to spend time browsing to find what they want, to feel comfortable with plenty of space and time to look around, so give them that opportunity!
  • It’s all about the flow of energy… so remember when designing your retail shop or office layout that the chi must flow freely… yet not too fast. Clean up old cartons or trash to prevent the energy from stagnating and make sure your entry way is clean inviting with your doors opening inward.
  • Pay attention to annual feng shui afflictions and take care of them immediately. This year you need to address the hostile 3 star in the East, the red 7 star of violence in the west and the Wu Wang or 5 star in the middle of central area of your office or shop. You can learn what to do in my annual feng shui horoscope books or 2013 Almanac. Click here to purchase your annual horoscope book or 2013 Almanac.

Additionally be sure to enhance the North, Northeast and Northwest sectors this year. You’ll also find this information in our annual books and 2013 Almanac.

MoneyFeng Shui Money Magnet Tip: It is the constant movement and flow of energy that has the power to bring great wealth and monetary luck into your business and life…and you can draw wealth to you like a magnet if you control this flow of energy. One simple way to do this is to create a vacuum that will act as your “money magnet”. Clean up old clutter and get rid of outdated old merchandise to create a space that will draw in the chi and keep money flowing into your business.

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