Discover the Fortune That Lies Hidden In Your Smile

Most of us are unaware of our everyday facial expressions… unless we’re laughing, crying, angry or sad.  Even then we may not really be aware of how we look or the message we are sending.  If you stop for a minute right now and look in the mirror and analyze your dominant facial expression…what do you see?

Your Facial Expression…Is it Yin or Yang?

The way that we carry our face is an expression of our inner minds and hearts and indicates the strength of yin or yang chi within us.  When we display yang chi or

Bright Yang faces are truly joyous!

Bright Yang faces are truly joyous!

positive chi it can be great yang, bright yang or lesser yang… and these three levels reveal the amount of positive essence in your hidden nature.  Yang faces are smiling faces… but as we know there are many kinds of smiles!  When you are truly joyous your face reflects bright yang which is well-balanced.  Not quite so happy – a reduced level of joy with some yin entering reflects lesser yang.  Great yang reflects an excess of joy…almost to the point of being a bit smug.

Yin faces reflect depression or sadness

Yin faces reflect depression or sadness

Yin faces on the other hand reflect negativity, depression or boredom and usually manifest as sad or unhappy expressions.  A great yin expression may be one of grief while lesser yin reflects mild sadness or anger.  Some facial expressions contain both yin and yang…like angry faces are often described a yin turning yan.

So now let’s go back to the mirror and your dominant expression… because you’ll also need to look at the shape of your face!  Right… there are five basic shape faces and each is ruled by one of the five elements.  Your face shape reveals a lot about your personality and careers that might work for you!

What Element Rules Your Face?

WOOD ELEMENT FACE: – long, oval or oblong shaped.  You’re usually optimistic with natural elegance and work well alone but you’re also a team player. When you wear a yang expression your optimism exudes with enthusiasm and you’re the star! You’ll do well in industries involving communication with others. When you carry a yin expression you look more serious and conservative… so you’re not in the forefront but the brains behind another individual or project.

LT happy face 2

A Classic heart-shapped face

FIRE ELEMENT FACE: – triangular or heart-shaped.  You have powerful and hidden ambitions and when you wear a bright yang face you are charming and can persuade others to your way of thinking.  When you adopt a yin expression… especially a lesser yin face you look somewhat mysterious…even irresistible.

METAL ELEMENT FACE: – it’s round shaped. When you smile you attract good luck but if your face is dominated by yin expressions you project a perpetual look of depression.  You’re quite inflexible and like others to accommodate you.   You’re focus and single-minded – especially about wealth creation and you don’t socialize easily.

Square-shaped and stable

Square-shaped and stable

EARTH ELEMENT FACE: – square-shaped.  Your face looks full and stable – in fact you emit an aura of strength and stability.  Your temperament is even and you don’t lose your cool easily… you always show the best side of yourself.  You keep things to yourself… you’re private by nature and usually successful in your line of work.  Although you may appear a  bit “detached” you’re really very aware and pick up everything that is going on around you.
WATER ELEMENT FACE: – curvy face with high cheek bones and rounded slightly protruding foreheads.
You’re an extrovert by nature and don’t anger easily.  You’re witty and find success in the entertainment or communication industries. Somehow smiles don’t work as well for water faces as for the other elements.

Discover the Fortune Of Your Smile

So consider your expression… each time you’re angry or scowling… what kind of yin energy are you showing to the world?  On the other hand nothing melts a person’s heart  more than when you smile at them with genuine happiness and pleasure.  Remember… if you want to charm or impress someone begin with a smile… become conscious of your facial expressions.  Try it.  When you display genuine yang chi to the world you will attract much good fortune!

Many people ask me why I seem so happy all of the time? It’s because I am…and my facial expression usually reflects bright yang energy!

Try smiling more this week and see what happens!


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