Beware Of This Deadly Combo

Would you knowingly put your family in danger or your business at risk? Or course not. Yet many of you may be doing so…with even realizing what’s going on!

In 2013 the EAST is a severely afflicted sector. So much so, that in my family we’ve taken some rather unprecedented actions to offset the effects of the fierce and hostile “3” star, the Natural Disaster Star and the Three Killings. That’s right… all of these three afflictions in the EAST sector of your home and office… and with extra force this time because the wood star 3 has flown back into it’s original home on the Lo Shu square – a strong wood location!

So before we get much farther into this Year of the Water Snake, I want to remind you again of what to do… so that you can avoid unnecessary obstacles brought and extreme misfortunes brought by this deadly combo.


compassIf your main door (or any door that you use on a regular basis) is located in the East, your house faces East, your “bright hall” is in the East, if your office or master bedroom is in the East or your kid’s bedrooms are in the East then you face potential dangers that could cause legal entanglements, fighting, misunderstandings, obstacles to your success and severe reversals in fortune!


  • The Hostile 3 Star brings relationship problems, lawsuits, obstacles and fall-outs between business partners and even friends. Since the 3 star is a wood star you will need FIRE to keep it under control. Use bright lights, the colour red in your decorating scheme and remove the presence of water as we don’t want the wood to be nurtured and grow this year. We’ve already painted Jennifer and Connie’s sector of the office a bright red colour (you can see a picture in the latest Feng Shui World Magazine) and one of the walls in my garden as well. If your house faces East use a pair of peacocks as your door guardians this year.

  • Use red to decorate in the east sector this year.

    Use red to decorate in the
    east sector this year.


The Three Killings take up 90 degrees of the compass and represents three types of potential loss: loss of finances, loss of reputation and loss of someone you love. You can handle the Three Killings by placing the Three Celestial Guardians in the East. At the same time, please be aware of two specific rules about this affliction: First, it is OKAY to face the three killings but you must not sit with your back to them (means you should avoid facing West). However since the east is so badly afflicted this year we recommend if possible that you don’t face either east or west at all; secondly do not dig or make noise, no renovations in the east part of your home, office and garden this year.

The Natural Disaster Star is brought by the 24 Mountains and it can unleash natural disaster like earthquakes, floods etc.  Many of you living on the East coast of America have recently experienced strong weather patterns with extensive flooding. The best way to protect yourself and avert natural disaster is with spiritual feng shui protection. Place the deity Ksitigharba in the east and make incense offerings to Naga spirits and earth goddesses this year. Choose from any of my strong amulets that can protect against premature death…such as the HUM seed syllable or BRHUM amulet. Our line of scarves is a fashionable and powerful way to protect yourself this year.

So there you have it. Remember… use plenty of fire energy to exhaust the wood star. Be as bold and creative as you can! My daughter Jennifer placed nine rocks (painted red) in her east sector, the front of her house when I told her she needed something heavy and solid… and of course red.

To your good luck and safety this year!


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