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Do you remember the first time you bought something on line? I do!
I can remember being amazed that I could actually place an order and in a matter of days or weeks it would be delivered. With just the click of a button someone half way around the world received and processed my order.

Fast forward to the present. A lot has sure happened since those early days of the Internet. Now there is so much more available to everyone including valuable educational material…like my online feng shui courses and the release of my 2013 New York Extravaganza videos.

Honestly I have to tell you, the response to the 2013 Extravaganza Video sale has been amazing! I am so glad I decided to release it this year because I have not done this regularly in the past and probably will not in future. In fact my Mandala team advised me that people from over 30 countries have now purchased the video.

Think about it…it’s just been out a week or so and already people from 30 countries are now enjoying the 2013 updates and they can quickly and easily take advantage of these lectures from the privacy and comfort of their homes in places like: United States, Australia, Singapore, United Kingdom, Philippines, Canada, Netherlands, Belgium, Mexico, New Zealand, France, French Polynesia, India, Kuwait, Malaysia, South Africa, Thailand, United Arab Emirates, China, Indonesia, Italy, Lebanon, Mongolia, Panama, Portugal, Puerto Rico, Russian Federation, Slovakia, Ukraine, Venezuela & Vietnam.

Even after all these years of doing business online, it still amazes me that here at WOFS we can have that kind of global reach and help so many people throughout the world.

Click here for Lillian’s 2013 Extravaganza Videos.

Lillian Speaks to A Sold Out Audience in the Hudson Theatre

Lillian Speaks to A Sold Out Audience in the Hudson Theatre

And when I think of how many of you are now studying with me virtually “online”, it’s really rewarding because now we can afford the opportunity to learn feng shui to everyone that cannot travel to Malaysia. But do remember…you are all most welcome should you decide to come to Malaysia and study with me here…there is something very special about learning with me here too!

Just a decade ago this would all have been impossible. Imagine for a moment what the future holds!



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