Pointing the Finger…is it bad feng shui?

Has someone ever pointed his index finger at you when trying to make a point or in anger? Do you point at others or your children when reprimanding them? It’s a good idea never to allow anyone to point their index finger at you when they speak…or to do this to others. In fact, in certain cultures it is regarded as rude and ill mannered to point your finger as you speak.

Pointing at someone puts them off and creates hostile energy. In fact even the idea of “pointing the finger” at someone suggests blame and has negative connotations.

In fact, using a pointing finger in advertising is not good feng shui either. The most famous example is the poster, saying “Uncle Sam Wants You!” “Uncle Sam” to Americans means the U.S. government and this poster was used to recruit soldiers in WWI and WWII. This design created extremely bad energy.

Be aware of your hand and body gestures and how you hold a pointed object like scissors…never point a knife or pair of scissors at a friend as you talk or there will be almost immediate friction between the two of you. Nothing kills a relationship faster than a sharp object that inadvertently drives a wedge between two people. When you’re at work never leave scissors with the points facing you or someone else as you’ll soon feel the effects of hostile energy.

It’s also important to develop sensitivity to the way you speak to others and the way you are spoken to. Learn to be skillful with your words and stop before you react. Words that are shouted angrily can be poison arrows…yet when spoken sweetly can soothe an injured soul. Remember…words and tone of voice can create both positive and negative energy.

Begin today to develop your awareness of objects around your home and office that could cause harm to you and others, and incorporate this awareness into your own personal habits.

Until next week,


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