Beware of Cactus and Bonsai

It won’t be long before spring is here…and I know that many of my students, especially in the northern hemisphere are interested in garden feng shui. I love my own garden as it continues to grow and change bringing many blessings to my home and family. Bonsai Plants

Today I’ve given you some feng shui tips on the use of flowers in your home, but many of these same suggestions apply to your garden as well. For example, rotting or dying flowers in your home should be removed immediately. Likewise, dead leaves and branches have no place in your garden. These create dead chi, which will eventually make its way into your home! Be sure to sweep all debris and fallen leaves each day.

Don’t forget to examine the trees on your property as well. Dead, decaying trees or stumps can cause serious illness to the residents with children and older members being the most susceptible. The “2” star is back in the southwest, it’s home location, and it’s particularly lethal this year…so don’t overlook the trees, okay?

It’s also important not to let plants and trees grow wild. If you have overgrown plants and shrubs facing any of your windows and doors they are real obstacles to your success. Anything that blocks the energy flow creates problems. Regular shaping and pruning not only helps the overall health of the plant but it allows you to get the best benefits from your garden.

Even if you don’t have a green thumb or you don’t enjoy gardening please take good care of your garden.

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