A Successful Event in NYC!

Outside Hudson Theatre in NYC!

Outside Hudson Theatre in NYC!

Wow…just returned to Malaysia from a whirlwind visit to New York and a highly successful New York Extravaganza! It was awfully cold in New York…especially for those of us coming from Malaysia…but we were well prepared and bundled up whenever we went outdoors. Thankfully the Hudson Theater (where the Extravaganza was held) is linked directly to the Millennium Hotel so I could go back and forth easily without having to step outside.

And speaking of being well prepared…on Saturday, the first day of the Extravaganza, we covered so many things to help protect you in the Year of the Water Snake; the Five Yellow that’s flown back to the center of the chart bringing danger to everyone; the Illness Star 2 in the Southwest that affects the mother in particular; the Quarrelsome 3 Star that has flown to the East bringing litigation, quarrels, and trouble with authorities and finally the Robbery Star 7 in the West bringing violence and robbery…particularly affecting those of you born in the year of the Rooster.

But I also told you about many auspicious stars and what to do to enhance the energy of these stars…particularly the Wealth Star 8 in the Northeast this year, the Heaven Star 6 in the Northwest (bringing luck to the Father) and the White Star 1 in the North, which is especially helpful to the rat this year.

If you missed the extravaganza this year then be sure to get your copy of your animal sign Fortune and Feng Shui book for 2013… And the new 2013 Tung Sing isnow back in stock.

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We had a wonderful “Gala” on Saturday night…full on with red carpet and lots of photo opportunties…amazing food and drink and just a great time for all to get together and socialize. Then on Sunday I introduced my wonderful audience to thereal secret of feng shui…the Spiritual Dimension. I know this was new to many who attended but the positive comments on this portion of the program were overwhelming and it gave me much happiness to be able to introduce the spiritual realm to all who attended.

Lillian Speaks to A Sold Out Audience in the Hudson Theatre

Lillian Speaks to A Sold Out Audience in the Hudson Theatre

I could go on and on about the weekend…there is just too much to tell… so be sure to get a copy of our March/April issue of Feng Shui World Magazine when it comes out because we’ll cover the New York Extravaganza in more detail.

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Love to you all

P.S. Please be sure to have all your cures in place – hopefully you have done so by now…and don’t forget to enhance the positive stars as well!


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