New York Extravaganza is just 3 days away!

Lillian 2 Image with yellow:black scarfI can’t believe my New York Extravaganza is just 3 days away!  Now here’s the good news…you still have time to make this event.  Many of the staff are already in New York putting all the final touches and details in place…and they tell me the Hudson Theater is just fabulous!  The great thing is that all the theater seating is no matter where you sit you’ll be able to see and hear me well.  These gorgeous old theaters in New York are really so wonderful…. just can’t wait to see you all and share my exciting and important updates for the coming year. Take a peek inside of the theater…

So is it super happy, super rich or the Superbowl?

You see, some of my friends told me I was crazy to hold my NY Extravaganza on Superbowl weekend. But you know what? I guess there are hundreds of other people who know, as I do, how important it is to update their feng shui annually with me…because we’re almost sold out!

So here’s the thing…if you do want to come and spend two days with me (and change your life) then please go online and register right away.  You will not be disappointed… everyone needs to hear these updates and yes you can still bring a friend for free!

To your success!

P.S. I’ve brought so many yummy things from my latest collection…and all the cures and enhancers you are going to need so I hope to see you there!


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